What Headlines Tell Us About Facebook’s Earnings Call


I’m not a financial guru, nor am I an industry expert. I do dabble in all forms of digital marketing, but I’m not working on accounts on a daily basis. What can I take away from the Facebook earnings call? Let’s check out some headlines. Facebook didn’t make as much as they hoped to last year Facebook Narrowly Beats Earnings Expectations, … Continue reading

Improved reporting, targeting, ad types drive Facebook growth

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So we know that Facebook’s mobile (and video) revenue is exploding. But how are those ads performing for digital marketers? At 3Q Digital, we studied two representative accounts and compared numbers from Q1 2014 to Q1 2015. We observed huge gains in advertising efficiency — an increase of 103% in click-through rate and a drop of 37% in cost per … Continue reading

Facebook advertising is not a stand-alone skill

I recently spent the afternoon with Dr. Karen Freberg, professor of social media at the University of Louisville.  Unlike most educators in this space who teach “social media” basics according to an outdated curriculum approved 3 years ago, she has a capstone structure.  Working professionals come in to teach current practice, imparting real-world, relevant skills. Take something like Facebook advertising.  You … Continue reading

Is It Time to Restructure Your Account?


Facebook’s optimization capabilities are getting stronger, but as with any campaign, you need enough data to fuel your decisions. We had a client with an old structure that was overly segmented with really small daily budgets. They had a conversion goal of $30, but some of their ad sets had budgets of only $5-12… so if you do the math, … Continue reading

How Much Should I Budget For My Facebook Ad Campaign?


How many times have you been faced with the question of how much to budget for your ad campaigns? Or maybe you’ve had to answer this for your clients. A lot of the time we’ll just take a random shot in the dark – or, even worse, tiptoe our way into spending enough money to actually collect reliable data. The … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Facebook Landing Page Gets Rejected


Problems with landing pages are the biggest reasons your Facebook ads get rejected during the approval process. A lot of users are all too familiar with Facebook’s long list of guidelines and rules, but not all of them realize that when their ads send users to a landing page, that landing page has to follow these rules and even has … Continue reading

Social context in an ad: what is it actually worth?


There are many advantages to running ads on Facebook, and one of the more obvious ones is the social context that is displayed on ads. When someone sees an ad from a brand that their friend on Facebook has liked, the ad will have social content, like the example below: I have always wondered how much of an impact the … Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Your Ad Copy Pop


When you advertise on social media, you only have seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention, so you better do it right. Images may be the most attention-grabbing aspect of a Facebook ad initially, but the ad copy is what really gets the viewer to click. So here are a few tips to get your viewer to click – and … Continue reading