How Multi-Product Ads Can Work for One Product


Have you tried Facebook’s multi-product ad unit? It allows you to showcase 3-5 images and links within a single ad unit. The uses for this unit are pretty obvious for some brands; I have seen on my personal News Feed that Target is taking advantage of these ad units. Even if you’re not a brand that sells multiple products, is … Continue reading

Instagram for Business: You’re Doing it Wrong


With everyone freaking out about the decline in organic Facebook reach, there have been a lot of questions about where companies should focus their social media marketing efforts. At Blueye, we’re focused on figuring out which platforms are most effective for hitting your target market; if your demographic skews younger, then we definitely recommend ramping up your Instagram efforts to … Continue reading

71 video views but 1428 likes?

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Impressions, ad spend, and interactions come in at different intervals. That’s why you can have CTR higher than 100% at times, as you’ve seen. Or sometimes an absurdly high CPM, such as $20 to serve 50 impressions. But in the case of this video, which comes a few minutes after the Golden State Warriors win at home over the Dallas … Continue reading

Dead Page Likes, Begone – Courtesy of Facebook


Do you manage a Facebook Page? If so, you are probably going to see your Page likes start to drop in the near future. Facebook is purging Pages of likes that come from memorialized or deactivated accounts. This means that if someone was actively using their Facebook account and liked your Page, and has since deactivated their account, they will … Continue reading

Dig Deeper With Facebook Demographic Targeting


Facebook has powerful targeting options. While many people pigeon-hole Facebook Advertising as a tool to promote your posts or buy “likes”, Facebook has quietly been adding more and more options to their targeting. And I’m talking about more than just interests. However, Facebook has not been doing a great job of publicizing their targeting capabilities. You could say they’re in … Continue reading

Saved target audiences save you time

You used to need Power Editor to create and use a saved target audience. But now you can use them when boosting posts straight from your timeline – super convenient. And you can create saved audiences in any of the other three ad interfaces: timeline, Ads Manager, mobile Ads Manager, and Power Editor. A saved target audience lets you bucket a number … Continue reading

5 Awesome Social Networking Apps You Should Explore


As a brand/business, you need to build relationships on social media. Networking improves customer relationships and engagement and ultimately leads to a better conversion. Promoting your brand on leading sites like Twitter and Instagram is a great way to attract more clients. In that regards, getting more likes and followers becomes vital to boost your brand reputation. Foxfans is a … Continue reading

Facebook video posts – how and why to get started


Are you using video ads on Facebook? If the answer is no, take a look at these important facts: The number of videos Facebook users posted in the last year has increased 94% in the US and 75% globally. The number of videos in a user’s News Feed has gone up 3.6 times in the last year. So there are a lot of … Continue reading