How and Why to Edit the Comments on Your Facebook Ads


I think most of us can agree that page post ads are great. One of my favorite aspects is that people can comment on, like, and even share page post ads.   Because they pretend to be real posts, people are tricked into interacting organically with these ads. Every additional ‘like’ and comment can give credibility as well as momentum. When … Continue reading

Make a Big Splash in a Small Pond with Facebook Ads


This month, I’m making the transition to focus full-time on Magnifyre, a boutique digital agency I started a year ago with my well-traveled and incredibly talented business partner. As the idea of a consistent paycheck is quickly fleeting, finding new customers who need digital marketing help quickly takes up real estate in the forefront of my mind. You are reading … Continue reading

Are you taking full advantage of Audience Insights? 

Device pile

Aside from being an important tool used to learn more about people who have already liked your page, it can also be used to help guide your future targeting initiatives. Below are my two favorite ways to use Audience Insights: 1. Get a better understanding of your custom audiences For ecommerce accounts, I like to look at the difference between … Continue reading

Affiliate Advertising on Facebook: A thing of the past?


Take a look at the right-hand-side ad column on Facebook these days, and you’re likely going to see far less of those “Lose weight – Click here” and “Earn Thousands from Home” ads. In the past, that area of Real Estate was prime soil for affiliate marketers – advertisers running offers for third parties, without a straight line to the … Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Custom Audiences


Facebook has a lot of different targeting features (some of which can be used in conjunction with each other), and understanding each of them thoroughly often takes a lot of time, research, and split testing. Facebook’s Custom Audiences is a great tool, one a lot of people have raved about because of its frequently high conversion rates, but it has … Continue reading

Facebook Ads for the Holidays: 7 Rock-Solid Best Practices


Not sure how to spend your marketing budget this holiday season? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Get the highest return on your holiday investment by using your Facebook Ad dollars wisely. With holiday spending expected to increase by 16.6% this year, a well-planned strategy will put you in the best position to compete. Get started early Marin recently conducted … Continue reading

How to Run Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign


If you’re interested in getting in front of business-minded folks who may be interested in your product, Linkedin is the place to be for B2B advertising. This step-by-step guide will introduce the process of creating your first LinkedIn Ad. First, navigate your browser to You’ll see this wonderful graphic and a list of features and services. Click on Get … Continue reading

What Election Day Tells Us About Social Media


Although 11/4 was not a holiday, we saw increased engagement across the major social media platforms because of #ElectionDay! In the last 4 years, the percentage of people following politics on social media has skyrocketed to 21%. To honor this, I took a deep dive into some of the most recent research done by the Pew Research Center in relation … Continue reading