Why FB Advertisers Need to Communicate with Customer Service Teams


Communication between Marketing teams is so important to ensure common goals are being achieved, but sometimes there can be a disconnect between the advertising team and the social media customer service team. These two teams should work hand-in-hand when it comes to Facebook advertising. Many companies have a person or team dedicated to monitoring comments on social media. It’s important … Continue reading

Facebook Custom Audiences: What Every Marketer Needs to Know


During the first half of the year, Facebook consolidated their ad options, and, suddenly, Website Custom Audiences (WCA) inadvertently became a buzzword that many marketers started to come across.  As the WCA Product Lead at Triggit, I am often faced with the following set of questions when we first start talking to our direct response advertiser clients about WCA. As … Continue reading

Early Impressions of the Facebook Audience Network


Facebook announced the new “Facebook Audience Network” a few months back, stretching out its wide-reaching advertising arms beyond only Facebook itself. You are probably familiar with “FAN” as it’s called, but let’s go through a brief recap: Facebook Audience Network allows you to place ads outside of Facebook in addition to the traditional News Feed.  The apps available for ads … Continue reading

Why Most Facebook-Oriented Software Companies Are Dying

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PerfectAudience was bought by Marin and the others are privately worried that advertisers will go direct. Google killed WildFire and most of the app guys got bought or have gone under.   Social ROI is cross-channel, my friend. Thus, you can expect Facebook to integrate more tightly with marketing automation companies, which include general email providers, too.   Think of marketing automation not as fancy … Continue reading

Why Facebook Advertising is for your Small Business


Advertising can be a two-edged sword for a small business, helping you break into a larger market while also cutting into your profits. The old adage says you have to spend money to make money, but where exactly should you spend money to get the largest return on your investment? Facebook may be the answer, even for small to medium … Continue reading

The Complete Faceboook Ads Checklist


Today, without a doubt, we can say that Facebook is one of the most effective ways of advertising. With over 1.3 active billion users worldwide, Facebook should arguably be incorporated by all advertisers. Alongside the growth in campaign numbers and budgets, the Facebook ad system has substantially improved in the past year, and it now offers its advertisers a wider … Continue reading

5 New Facebook Ad Targeting Capabilities

Ad Targeting

The Facebook Ads tool is ratcheting it up a notch. They’ve teamed up with some of the creepiest data-mining companies out there to create an advertising tool capable of targeting with unheard-of precision. But you already know that. You know that Facebook’s targeting capabilities are second-to-none. But did you know they’re getting better? This article will take a look at … Continue reading

The Reaching, Branding, and Selling Formula with Facebook Ads


Hello, FBPPCers! Today I am going to walk you through a targeting method that will allow you to reach an incredibly refined target group of prospects, ushering them through your sales funnel while making strides on your brand recognition. I’ve used this formula to deliver big results for a wide range of companies, and I want to share it with … Continue reading