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Get more for your money with targeted CPC Promoted Posts

      If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m super-interested in Promoted Posts. I think that of all the options available to an advertiser right now, Promoted Posts come the closest to really fulfilling Facebook’s ‘big idea’ on advertising – targeted ads, built around stories, that really touch people interested in your product or service. There are, of … Continue reading

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Christmas comes early with new Facebook sales tracking tool

      There’s a current of thought that direct-response ads don’t work for Facebook. Why not? The theory is that Facebook users do not want to leave the ecosystem. They’re on Facebook to socialize, not to shop (which is why F-Commerce didn’t work so well). We all know the scenario: a user sees an ad and doesn’t click on … Continue reading

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No time like the holidays to tap into FBX

      Black Friday and Cyber Monday have just passed, and many of us are finally recovering from the turkey- and-pumpkin pie-induced haze of our Thanksgiving week celebrations. The holiday retail season is now officially in full swing, and it’s ‘make or break’ time for most retailers and direct response marketers. Hopefully, you are enjoying positive results from your … Continue reading

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Consider This: Facebook’s Upcoming Offsite Conversion Tracking with Optimized Bidding

  Facebook recently announced a new self-service tool to both track and optimize downstream conversions outside of the Facebook platform. Advertisers will need to place a small chunk of unique code on the webpage a user will hit after taking a desired action and define the conversion on Facebook as an “add to cart,” “checkout,” “registration,” or other conversion type. … Continue reading

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Facebook mobile ads are how you’ll kill it

      Yesterday I had a call with a hedge fund about Facebook’s mobile ad monetization. I get a couple of these a week, so it’s refreshing to hear what the finance guys think. The fear earlier this year was that Facebook wasn’t addressing mobile– that they missed the boat by investing in html5 and didn’t have mobile ads … Continue reading

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Click Wars: Google vs. Facebook

      Some people go into a store knowing what they want, see it, buy it, and leave.   Others, however, consider shopping a more social experience. These people may shop with friends, get opinions before buying, and spend time browsing before making a purchase.   Those shopping patterns, although not absolute, also illuminate the key difference between pay-per-click … Continue reading

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Happy Thankgiving!

The FBPPC offices are closed for the holiday weekend…here’s wishing you a wonderful, festive, gut-busting holiday and a heap of conversions on Black Friday and beyond! See you (Cyber) Monday!

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Confused by the Facebook “Click” metric? Here’s a guide

      On Facebook, you can choose to pay for advertisements on either a CPM or CPC basis. The CPM model is pretty straightforward – for every 1,000 impressions, you bid X dollars. Interestingly, one thing that Facebook fails to spell out – and business owners and marketers often misinterpret – is what exactly Facebook considers a ‘Click.’ At … Continue reading

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