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What to do with erroneous Facebook data

Last week, Facebook had to admit that impression data was reported incorrectly. The good news is that reach was usually under-reported, so if anything you’ll notice a slight bump in your reach and impressions. Those of you who are data geeks may have also noticed that paid reach figures are weird, too, especially if you’re running promoted posts. (See below for paid, … Continue reading

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Revisiting an Integrated Approach to Social Media Marketing on Facebook

There’s been a great deal of discussion lately about the interplay between paid, owned, and earned media and the impact it has on Facebook marketing campaigns. In a November post, I addressed strategies for successful integrated social campaigns including a handful of key takeaways for marketers. I thought it might be interesting to follow up that article with some real-life … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Optimize Your FBX Campaigns Today

The Facebook Exchange (FBX) has been live for almost a full year now, and to put it simply, I’m shocked that more advertisers aren’t jumping at the chance to take advantage of this product and generate some serious ROI from Facebook’s user base. Listed below, I’ve put together a few of the ways you should optimize your FBX campaigns to … Continue reading

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FBX vs. Web Retargeting: Digging Deeper in the AdRoll Study

Facebook Exchange (FBX) was quite possibly the most significant announcement in the online advertising world last year. Advertisers of all sizes continue to be thrilled with the performance, and it’s certainly becoming an essential channel to include as part of any optimally effective and comprehensive retargeting campaign. Last week, AdRoll released some unique data around FBX that has drummed up … Continue reading

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Learn how to interpret the most important Facebook Insights

Today’s post is by Shaun Hautly, of boom.reactive For many businesses, Facebook provides an opportunity to connect with millions of consumers. The ability to share content and see what your friends are doing is a powerful way to grow your fan base with targeted relevance. So every like, comment, and share gets echoed out to friends of friends, and their friends, and … Continue reading

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Five Tips to Increase EdgeRank on Facebook

Facebook’s EdgeRank is as controversial an item as Facebook functionality (or non-functionality, depending on the person discussing it) can be. While Pages have allowed brands and marketers to reach out to a vast group of individuals in a setting that allows for a great deal of engagement, the EdgeRank functionality of Facebook has largely served to… give Facebook the means … Continue reading

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Facebook is Nearby – are you?

As the weeks press on, we see Facebook investing more and more resources into ensuring that their mobile offering is one that will benefit both users and businesses. Just this past week, Bloomberg announced that Facebook will be launching a location-tracking application for Facebook users. Combine this with the new(ish) Facebook Nearby app, and you’ve got good reason to make … Continue reading

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Facebook Gives Offers a Smart Makeover

This past fall, David Fischer said that friend-to-friend Facebook sharing drives ¾ percent of redemptions for offers. During the Q4 earnings call for Facebook, COO Sheryl Sandberg highlighted the fact that Facebook Offers have been claimed by 42 million unique users. Last week, when my friend from Facebook said offers were going to be big this spring, it was the … Continue reading

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