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How to Drive ROI with Facebook’s Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Social network advertising spend is projected to grow to 32 percent in 2013 to over $10 Billion, according to a recent eMarketer report. But despite this growth, many brands and direct marketers are still unsure how to find the right audiences on social networks, particularly Facebook. Luckily, Facebook offers two powerful tools marketers can use for targeting users on Facebook: … Continue reading

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Why Are You Getting Low CTR on Facebook? Because Your Ads Suck

Much is made of the low CTR of Facebook ads. An average (or even good) rate of click is 0.020-0.050%, depending on who you ask. That’s a lot of ads displayed with not very many clicks. Others approach a more respectable, but still frustratingly low CTR of up to 0.5% There are reasons for low CTR, but the biggest one … Continue reading

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Construct Better Headlines with Facebook Ad Tests

There are a number of generic articles that tell you basic, broad-stroke techniques of how to write a stellar headline. I’m a fan of using data to back up my assumptions.  A key ingredient missing from these generic guides is whether or not this headline will resonate with your target audience. Facebook ads are a great, simple, low-cost way to … Continue reading

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Marketing takeaways from Facebook’s new look

Today’s post is by Matt Prater, Director of Analytics at BlitzMetrics. With Facebook’s recent announcement of Graph Search and the redesigned News Feed, marketers are planning how to take advantage of the new real estate. The most obvious change is a much wider, cleaner News Feed that merges mobile and desktop into one unified experience. Content is now front and center, and we can … Continue reading

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Does FBX produce different time-of-day conversion patterns?

  Today’s post is by Beth Logan, PhD, Director of Optimization at DataXu. Despite recent reports that users sometimes “take a break” from Facebook, the site is phenomenally popular. It is a highly engaging place where many users spend a disproportionately large amount of time, both viewing and creating content. Therefore, when we started running campaigns on Facebook Exchange (FBX), we … Continue reading

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Take Your FBX Campaigns to the Next Level

Facebook’s new real-time bidding exchange isn’t so new anymore. If you’re like many other marketers, you’re already on FBX and you’re seeing incredible results. But could your campaigns be doing even better? If you’re looking for new ways to improve the performance of your FBX campaign, try any (or all) of the following optimization suggestions: Increase Segmentation Focus on the … Continue reading

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The Secret to Facebook Advertising Success: Content Marketing?

Today’s post is by Hunter Young, Assistant Vice President, Digital Channel, at BB&T. Yea, I said it. You can pull all the demographic targeting data you’d like. Hyper-analyze it, reconfigure it, re-adjust your creative and ad copy to match up with that super analysis, and optimize until you have an unhealthy disdain for the word “optimize.” You can try the image … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads Strategy: Learn the E-Commerce Portfolio Approach

Today’s post is by Nadja Yacker, media analyst at Ampush. In order to fully leverage all that Facebook has to offer, brands need to be ready to adopt a portfolio approach to their Facebook strategy. A portfolio-based approach to Facebook advertising means creating a strategy that integrates all of the advantages News Feed and Open Graph provide in order to drive awareness, engagement, … Continue reading

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