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Create Targeted Facebook Ads Using RapLeaf Data

Today’s post is by Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence. Are you determined to master Facebook advertising? The key is learning all you can about your customers. This easy guide will show you how to create micro-targeted Facebook ads using a combination of Facebook’s Lookalike Feature and RapLeaf’s email data append service. Just follow these eight steps: 1. Export the email addresses … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Guide: Getting Started with Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads

Global smartphone shipments will outpace feature phone shipments for the first time in 2013, according to a recent report by IDC, and smartphone penetration just recently surpassed feature phone penetration in the U.S., according to recent data from ComScore MobiLens. We know it from our own personal experience, and the data confirms it: smartphones are the future, and the future … Continue reading

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The Importance of Ad-to-Landing Page Continuity

Long gone are the days where anyone advertising a product or service on Facebook should mass-invite all of their friends to boost the number of Likes on their page. Having a huge number of fans on your page is incredibly unimpressive if those users are not engaging with your brand. You’re better than this! Don’t get me wrong, having a large … Continue reading

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Tackling FBX Truth and Myth, Part II – Optimizing

In my last post, I discussed some of the truths and myths surrounding FBX. While many have been making some fairly lofty claims about using FBX and the success rates surrounding Facebook retargeting campaigns, our data shows that there are aspects of it that work wonderfully, while others leave a little to be desired. That is not to say that … Continue reading

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Targeting, control, and low costs put Facebook ads in play for all marketers

Today’s post is by Nick Steeves, Director of Marketing at Wishpond. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet, and that means plenty of exposure for your ads. Facebook users visit the website to consume and create information, which improves ad visibility and chances for your ads to have a positive effect on a large audience. Facebook Ads are … Continue reading

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Build communities through Facebook advertising

One of the most powerful and effective means of reaching customers is by having their friends  recommend your product or service to them. Your best customers are the ones who are not just great customers, but who are also willing to share your story with their friends. (Source: “How Valuable is Word of Mouth?” V. Kumar, J. Peterson, R. Leone, … Continue reading

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Get – and Keep – More Facebook Likes

Today’s post is by David A. George, Chief Content Officer at Heyo. “Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print.” We’ve all struck out with cheesy pickup lines – breaking the ice can be tough. Especially on Facebook. But you can breathe easy, because it’s actually a little easier than you might think. Let’s start … Continue reading

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Get your products on Facebook Gifts

Ah, Facebook Gifts. Have you noticed them? Have you used them for a thoughtful gesture or congratulatory gift? OR, better yet, have you used them to sell your gift-friendly products? (Note: you’ll have to fill out the Merchant Interest Form to get started.) What are Facebook Gifts? It’s quite simple: they let you celebrate real moments with real gifts (as … Continue reading

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