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Are you bidding on your competitors’ likes yet?

Facebook likes are a huge deal. Companies and celebrities alike hoard them, trying to outdo the competition. Bully for those who do a great job of it. And bully for us advertisers who are sneaky/resourceful enough to bid on the likes of our competitors. Competitors have done the hard part (identifying people interested in a product and/or service), and now … Continue reading

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The Keys to Success in Social Marketing, Defined

At Kenshoo Social, we wanted to better understand the trials and tribulations of major advertisers (those spending $100,000/year or more on social media) to augment what we’ve learned from our own clients. We turned to Forrester Consulting and commissioned a study to shine some light on what drives success and failure in social media marketing. In this month’s post, I’m … Continue reading

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Agile Management: Dealing with a Successful Campaign

Working on digital ad campaigns on a regular basis, I am familiar with building safety nets and processes to reassure clients that – should a strategy fail – this, that, and the other solution will be quickly applied to turn the trend back toward an uptick. But, these things almost never happen. Digital advertising is very quantifiable and for most … Continue reading

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Unpublished Page Posts: The Undisputed King for Off-Site Conversions

Today’s post is by Carmem Domingues , media analyst at Ampush. Off-site conversion on Facebook…. Where do I start? The world of Facebook advertising can be quite daunting with the myriad of options and possibilities at one’s fingertips. However, a good advertiser will know that each type of ad available serves a different purpose and performs better for certain verticals … Continue reading

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Use Search Data to Prospect New Customers on Facebook

First there was Facebook Marketplace, which lets marketers target Facebook users based on their demographic information and interests. Then came Facebook Exchange (FBX), a real-time bidding environment that allows marketers to target Facebook users based on the sites they visited outside Facebook. For example, if a user abandoned his shopping cart on and then visited Facebook, JCPenney could target … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day!

No blog today — we’re out enjoying some spring weather and the holiday weekend. See you tomorrow!

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Facebook Advertising – The Never-Ending Test

If there is one thing I’ve learned from advertising on Facebook, it is to never get too comfortable with the performance of my campaigns. As new advertisers invest their dollars in Facebook, and new products are released on the platform, your strategy must continue to evolve if you hope to stay competitive. Listed below are a few tests you may want … Continue reading

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Mobile and Facebook’s Evolving Advertising Strategy

Today’s post is by Heather Way of Parks Associates. Since its IPO in early 2012, Facebook has been laser-focused on its bottom line.  In a short timeframe, the social network ramped up its advertising business to increase profitability and maintain support among investors. Since then, the company has posted strong revenue growth spurred by new ad features and the extension of … Continue reading

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