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Dennis Yu is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Portage. He is an internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing, having been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, LA Times, National Public Radio, TechCrunch, Fox News, and CBS Evening News. He is also an author at InsideFacebook and AllFacebook. Dennis has held leadership positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines. He studied Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and London School of Economics. Besides being a Facebook data and ad geek, you can find him eating chicken wings or playing Ultimate Frisbee in a city near you. You can contact him at, his blog, or on Facebook.

You’re about to lose the majority of your Partner Category targeting!

Better create your ads now or lose access to the majority of PC targets, unless you are connected enough to be able to make requests. Most people are not using partner category targeting because: -oCPM works so well– doing most of the heavy lifting. -They’ve gotten into content marketing, driven by multiple custom audience and content combos, so no need … Continue reading

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5 (shaky) reasons for B2B Marketers to avoid Facebook

So you’re a B2B marketer, and maybe you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising can work for you. Maybe you haven’t checked in on the platform much lately and wonder and why stock prices have shot up over the last six months. Maybe you’ve heard that Facebook advertising absolutely doesn’t work for B2B. Well, let me tell when that statement might be true: 1) … Continue reading

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Paid Facebook impressions have no correlation to organic? False!

Some folks recently said that there was no correlation between amplifying a post and the number of organic impressions. The analysis had 5,000 posts from 1,500 pages, which should be a decent sample size. But there are a bunch of arguments to make against this position; I’ll outline just a few of them here. 1)     Paid posts drive fan growth in the … Continue reading

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Facebook making a big push with direct sales

Facebook has been expanding their sales team to businesses of all sizes. They are now positioned as “Facebook Ad Experts” instead of newly minted sales reps. Here’s what we’re seeing: Historically, reaching a live person at Facebook was hard, as it meant you were talking with an engineer, product, or marketing person in Palo Alto. Now we’re all getting the … Continue reading

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Google selling FBX ads – what it means

So what’s behind this sudden (and downplayed, at least by the two main parties) union of Google and Facebook ads? Simple– marketers and ad agencies are lazy. Facebook has to make it easier to buy inventory, and allowing DoubleClick into FBX makes complete sense. All else equal, I don’t want to have to use multiple buyers for my paid search … Continue reading

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Why Everything Social is Really Retargeting

Today, Facebook announced Custom Audiences for website visitors and mobile apps. You already know we have Custom Audiences based on email (absolutely huge), fbuserid (which I think will go away eventually for spam abuse), phone number (nobody is using it), and application (few using it). And you know the ROI has been incredible on Custom Audiences, as well as FBX, … Continue reading

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Facebook, bring back the Quality Score!

Do you remember when Facebook had a quality score back in 2009? It was on a scale from 0 to 1,000, much like a batting average. And it was primarily based on CTR, much like Google’s version. We used to call Google’s version their “Profitability Score”, since a higher CTR, all else equal, meant more revenue for Google. Both Facebook and Google seek to … Continue reading

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The Shortcut You Shouldn’t Use for High CTR on Facebook

See this ad from Intuit? The button is what drives the CTR, but is against the Facebook Ads TOS. Same is true with fake play buttons, scroll bars, and other non-functioning buttons. Odds are that this ad will get disapproved eventually. Too many denials and you get a warning, then you’re banned. Not worth it, my friends. Facebook has what’s … Continue reading

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