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Facebook Ad Sets: The Changing Structure of Facebook Ads

Have you noticed a change in the structure of your Facebook Ad Builder? Facebook rolled out this change on March 4th, but it may not be available to all advertisers yet. If you’re not seeing it, keep an eye out! This article will give you a breakdown of how the new Facebook Ads structure looks and works, as well as … Continue reading

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FBX Optimization Tips: Improve Your Ads

When retargeting first came out, direct-response advertisers rejoiced at the opportunity to get in front of users who had already demonstrated purchase intent. When FBX launched in 2012, it was icing on the cake; suddenly advertisers could retarget site visitors on a channel they visited 24/7! Advertisers quickly learned that just because you can serve an ad doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

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Facebook Ad Objectives: Which One is Right for Me?

Facebook rolled out some changes to the flow of creating Facebook ads, hoping to relieve some of the frustration surrounding which type of Facebook ad to create. Much to the respite of business owners and ad-makers across the globe, Facebook simplified the ad platform and streamlined the whole ad creation process. However, they gave us a list of options that … Continue reading

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Are You Testing Your Dynamic Facebook Ads?

Fun facts: 96% of people leave a website without converting, and 70% of people abandon their shopping cart. Dynamic retargeting is awesome for e­commerce advertisers because it reminds potential shoppers to come back to their site and purchase the exact product they were viewing. Dynamic retargeting helps turn etailers’ products into personalised Facebook ads so that your visitors can get … Continue reading

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Which ad won?

We have two ads to drive page likes. First, one promoting a T-shirt giveaway: And another page like sponsored story (an ad unit going away on April 9th): Clearly, the standard newsfeed ad is much bigger. But the page like story actually had a higher CTR (barely). The cost per fan was only 77 cents on the contest, while the … Continue reading

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What Facebook’s recommendations are on partner categories– and how to juice the system

One of the cool things of being part of the PMD and Ads API group is that we get announcements and recommendations from Facebook on new products, plus how to use them. Partner category targets are powerful, as they tie offline data to Facebook profiles, like we discussed. But performance marketers have been complaining that they don’t drive direct conversion … Continue reading

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Social Sharing – How to Use New Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Referrals are one of the best ways to attract new customers and clients. For me and most people I know, hearing referrals from a trusted source eliminates most of my doubts when trying a new product or service. Why? When referrals come from someone I know, I am aware of their tastes and preferences. If their preferences are similar to … Continue reading

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Veritasium Video Response: Should You Be Concerned?

Veritasium’s Facebook Fraud video has stirred up quite a storm. Since it has over a million views (and growing), I feel somewhat obligated to respond. Many of the more knowledgeable Facebook advertisers will already be aware of the flaws in Veritasium’s argument, but for those who are concerned with promoting their Pages on Facebook, I recommend you read this article … Continue reading

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