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71 video views but 1428 likes?

Impressions, ad spend, and interactions come in at different intervals. That’s why you can have CTR higher than 100% at times, as you’ve seen. Or sometimes an absurdly high CPM, such as $20 to serve 50 impressions. But in the case of this video, which comes a few minutes after the Golden State Warriors win at home over the Dallas … Continue reading

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Saved target audiences save you time

You used to need Power Editor to create and use a saved target audience. But now you can use them when boosting posts straight from your timeline – super convenient. And you can create saved audiences in any of the other three ad interfaces: timeline, Ads Manager, mobile Ads Manager, and Power Editor. A saved target audience lets you bucket a number … Continue reading

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5 Awesome Social Networking Apps You Should Explore

As a brand/business, you need to build relationships on social media. Networking improves customer relationships and engagement and ultimately leads to a better conversion. Promoting your brand on leading sites like Twitter and Instagram is a great way to attract more clients. In that regards, getting more likes and followers becomes vital to boost your brand reputation. Foxfans is a … Continue reading

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Why some Facebook ad pros should be worried

You probably have seen Facebook Go or related programs where Facebook will set up ad campaigns directly for clients. They’ll consult on strategy, explain how certain features work, build ads with you, and suggest optimizations. But wait… If Facebook is building the ads, then what about you as an agency, consultant, or in-house marketer? Certainly there’s no better credibility in having Facebook … Continue reading

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Back to Basics – Tailor Facebook Ads to Your Audience

As marketers, it can be easy to get bogged down with the “what” of advertising. What are we selling? What do we want to convey? What goals do we want to accomplish? It is all too easy to forget who you’re trying to reach. Let’s go back to basics and look at how to better understand our audiences on Facebook. … Continue reading

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If you’re doing only Facebook retargeting, prepare to get left in the dust

You’ve probably heard me say that smart social advertising is starting to look like paid marketing automation. In other words, you’re sending micro-targeted messages via channels other than email, triggered by a user action. Thus, the most powerful of marketing automation techniques is retargeting, by this broader definition. You’ve seen how custom audiences on Facebook are absolutely killer, whether by web … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new Ad Relevancy metric takes aim at Google’s Quality Score

When it comes to digital marketing, we all know our buddy Google is the gold standard. So this week, we give praise to a small company formally known as The Facebook for adding to its UI an Ad Relevancy Score – a comparable feature to AdWords’ Quality Score. This shiny new column will most certainly have us social geeks frothing … Continue reading

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Facebook Marketing in 2015 – How to Succeed without Free Distribution

On January 15, 2015 Facebook went live with a series of changes to the News Feed algorithm specifically designed to restrict free distribution of “promotional” posts from businesses.  Brands that were able to reach nearly 100% of their audience with every post in the previous year now reach less than 10% in many cases! What are these changes?  What do … Continue reading

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