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Will Ello’s Stance on Social Advertising Hold Up?

Ello, the fledgling social network, is priding itself around one primary thing: it’s completely ad-free. Social advertising is so taboo to the network, they make frequent reference to their distaste throughout the site. Going to right now brings you to a page saying the site is beta-only. Scroll down below the fold, and you see this: Ad-free is mentioned almost … Continue reading

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A (good) picture is worth 1000 clicks

With the recent style change that gives consistency to the look of app and desktop ads, it’s more important than ever that ads stand out to quickly represent what they are for. The grabbing headline, clear call to action, and quick pitch ad text summary as important as ever before, but the user has to stop at your ad first … Continue reading

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Facebook advertising experts will meet the same fate as SEOs

My colleague, Dennis Yu, wrote this post, which inflamed SEO old-timers.  In a nutshell, he said that social marketing, content marketing, PR, inbound marketing, and SEO were essentially the same thing, if done properly.  After all, you’re producing great content and you want to get it distributed. I’m here to say that if you’re doing Facebook advertising, you need to adapt … Continue reading

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4 Ways Facebook Ads Can Enhance Your Sales Process

Anyone involved in sales knows that the landscape has always been a dynamic space, and advances in technology have made staying at the top of your game even more challenging. We are participating in a time where making the sale oftentimes requires a digital strategy – fortunately, Facebook ads give sales teams of any size an opportunity to incorporate a … Continue reading

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Why FB Advertisers Need to Communicate with Customer Service Teams

Communication between Marketing teams is so important to ensure common goals are being achieved, but sometimes there can be a disconnect between the advertising team and the social media customer service team. These two teams should work hand-in-hand when it comes to Facebook advertising. Many companies have a person or team dedicated to monitoring comments on social media. It’s important … Continue reading

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Why Most Facebook-Oriented Software Companies Are Dying

PerfectAudience was bought by Marin and the others are privately worried that advertisers will go direct. Google killed WildFire and most of the app guys got bought or have gone under.   Social ROI is cross-channel, my friend. Thus, you can expect Facebook to integrate more tightly with marketing automation companies, which include general email providers, too.   Think of marketing automation not as fancy … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

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3 Reasons To Refresh Ad Creative

Have your ads ever gotten lazy? Let’s say an ad has amazing performance for a couple weeks (or even months) and then, performance disappears. It still does okay, but traffic has slowed, and as a result, conversions and clicks have dropped. This is not a unique phenomenon for the Facebook Advertiser.  There are three basic arguments for refreshing ad copy … Continue reading

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