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3 Essential Components of a Viable Holiday Facebook Ad Campaign

When garlands go up, sales usually go up as well. So let’s optimize what you’re doing, and reiterate some basic strategies that you should be using because if you don’t you’ll lose out on the obvious sales. Take a moment to go through the three components of what I consider to be the minimum amount of effort you should be putting … Continue reading

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A year ago I said Facebook ads are still a bargain. Now?

The days of ultra-cheap Facebook ads appear to be over. To what extent, and what does that mean for you? We’ll break it down. In 2013, our average CTRs on Facebook were up 95%, CPCs down 40%. Today, CTR is continuing to increase, largely because of mobile placement. And CPC is now up because of Q4 holiday bidding. Back in 2010¹, … Continue reading

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How CTR, CPC, and EPC work to optimize Facebook ads

When advertising on Facebook, marketers will tell you to develop a system, and for good reason: it’s important to develop an awareness of how a traffic source behaves and get every bit of insight from your marketing spend as possible. No one system is perfect, but I will layout some information that may help to provide some guidance when it … Continue reading

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Make a Big Splash in a Small Pond with Facebook Ads

This month, I’m making the transition to focus full-time on Magnifyre, a boutique digital agency I started a year ago with my well-traveled and incredibly talented business partner. As the idea of a consistent paycheck is quickly fleeting, finding new customers who need digital marketing help quickly takes up real estate in the forefront of my mind. You are reading … Continue reading

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Are you taking full advantage of Audience Insights? 

Aside from being an important tool used to learn more about people who have already liked your page, it can also be used to help guide your future targeting initiatives. Below are my two favorite ways to use Audience Insights: 1. Get a better understanding of your custom audiences For ecommerce accounts, I like to look at the difference between … Continue reading

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Will Ello’s Stance on Social Advertising Hold Up?

Ello, the fledgling social network, is priding itself around one primary thing: it’s completely ad-free. Social advertising is so taboo to the network, they make frequent reference to their distaste throughout the site. Going to right now brings you to a page saying the site is beta-only. Scroll down below the fold, and you see this: Ad-free is mentioned almost … Continue reading

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A (good) picture is worth 1000 clicks

With the recent style change that gives consistency to the look of app and desktop ads, it’s more important than ever that ads stand out to quickly represent what they are for. The grabbing headline, clear call to action, and quick pitch ad text summary as important as ever before, but the user has to stop at your ad first … Continue reading

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Facebook advertising experts will meet the same fate as SEOs

My colleague, Dennis Yu, wrote this post, which inflamed SEO old-timers.  In a nutshell, he said that social marketing, content marketing, PR, inbound marketing, and SEO were essentially the same thing, if done properly.  After all, you’re producing great content and you want to get it distributed. I’m here to say that if you’re doing Facebook advertising, you need to adapt … Continue reading

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