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Facebook’s new Ad Relevancy metric takes aim at Google’s Quality Score

When it comes to digital marketing, we all know our buddy Google is the gold standard. So this week, we give praise to a small company formally known as The Facebook for adding to its UI an Ad Relevancy Score – a comparable feature to AdWords’ Quality Score. This shiny new column will most certainly have us social geeks frothing … Continue reading

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Facebook Marketing in 2015 – How to Succeed without Free Distribution

On January 15, 2015 Facebook went live with a series of changes to the News Feed algorithm specifically designed to restrict free distribution of “promotional” posts from businesses.  Brands that were able to reach nearly 100% of their audience with every post in the previous year now reach less than 10% in many cases! What are these changes?  What do … Continue reading

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Facebook MPA (Multi-Product Ads) are for everyone, not just for E-commerce players

If you’ve got any form of marketing automation or some semblance of a funnel, then you can use Facebook MPA (Multi-Product Ads) to tell a story. In other words, string together messages into a sequence. Social is not about a one-night stand, but progressive nurturing, so Facebook is adding increasing sequencing capabilities for you. Right now MPA is available only … Continue reading

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You know what’s crazy? 3 native Facebook ad interfaces!

Wouldn’t you think that Facebook would have just one? Why would they have 3 different tools to create Facebook ads? Well, technically, you could count Atlas, I suppose. That would make it four. But for everyone else we’re looking at Power Editor (for the ad geeks/snobs), Ads Manager, and post boosts. There is a smart reason for this and let’s … Continue reading

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You’re about to lose the majority of your Partner Category targeting!

Better create your ads now or lose access to the majority of PC targets, unless you are connected enough to be able to make requests. Most people are not using partner category targeting because: -oCPM works so well– doing most of the heavy lifting. -They’ve gotten into content marketing, driven by multiple custom audience and content combos, so no need … Continue reading

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Serve Up 5x the Content with Facebook’s Updated Multi-Product Ads

Winning ads deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. But what if you had the opportunity to offer up not just one message, but five? We know by now that competition in the News Feed is fierce. By Facebook’s own calculations, the platform could serve users anywhere from 1,500 to 15,000 posts any time they … Continue reading

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New Year: Time for New Offers

At the beginning of each new year, most people make some type of resolutions or goals about their health, or perhaps their financial habits. It’s become so common for people to do this, and subsequently fail, that it’s a popular punchline. However, the reason people keep setting new goals is a desire to improve. They want better health, so they … Continue reading

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Happy New Year from FBPPC!

Hi, readers, and happy 2015! Here’s hoping the upcoming 12 months are some of the best yet. We’ll be back tomorrow with more social advertising thought leadership…until then, may your coffee be strong and your gatherings merry.  

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