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Facebook Custom Audiences: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

During the first half of the year, Facebook consolidated their ad options, and, suddenly, Website Custom Audiences (WCA) inadvertently became a buzzword that many marketers started to come across.  As the WCA Product Lead at Triggit, I am often faced with the following set of questions when we first start talking to our direct response advertiser clients about WCA. As … Continue reading

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Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing on FBX (and 3 Things to Stop Doing!)

As an alpha partner on FBX, we’ve built our business around learning the ins and outs of this incredibly efficient DR channel. We’ve helped clients across the globe drive record-breaking ROI from their FBX campaigns, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Today, we’d like to share the top three things you should be doing (and what you should … Continue reading

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Why you need to use geo settings in FBX

There’s little debating the power of FBX or the awesomeness of tools like AdRoll, which is simple enough for a huge range of marketing managers to use with good results. Simple, though, means you don’t have a ton of levers to control – but we’ve found one that works if you’re diligent about using it: geo settings. One of our … Continue reading

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Facebook Retargeting in Brazil: One to Watch in 2014

It’s a new year, and like many of you, we’ve been reflecting on the themes that shaped our growth in 2013. This past year has brought incredibly exciting developments to the digital media world, including the launch of retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed, the rise of the native ad unit, and, perhaps most exciting as Triggit’s global business continues to … Continue reading

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FBX Cyber Monday performance: what a difference a year makes

Today’s post is by Hillary Read, Director of Marketing at 3Q Digital. When Cyber Monday rolled around last year, FBX was only a few months old after its official, widespread release. The results were tepid; Facebook stock closed 2012 at $26.99 as holiday data elicited a collective “meh” from advertisers and investors. This year? A different story altogether, according to … Continue reading

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Use Facebook’s Ad Updates to Dominate Holiday Shopping

Today’s post is by Meghan Prober, Director of Marketing at Ampush. The winter holidays loom larger than ever this year for Facebook advertisers. The shopping season is the shortest it’s been since 2002, consumers are savvier comparison shoppers through the use of mobile apps and social media, and trusted online reviews and peer recommendations are more powerful than ever. Take advantage of … Continue reading

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New Survey Points to the Rise of Retargeting on Facebook

Now more than a year old, the Facebook Exchange (FBX) is no longer the new kid on the block. Rather, FBX is now an integral part of the retargeting ecosystem. The latest evidence for FBX’s importance comes from the Chango-Digiday Retargeting Barometer, Q4 2013, which asked nearly 300 media buyers located in the US, Canada, and the UK how retargeting fits … Continue reading

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Get your FBX integration strategy ready for the holidays

Today’s post is by Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager at Triggit. Integrations. For the typical display or SEM holiday campaign, “integrations” don’t exist; however, when it comes to retargeting, integrations are the key to utilizing your first party data to relevantly retargeting your site visitors. Since many DR marketers have plans to run FBX campaigns for the holidays, we thought would share a … Continue reading

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