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The Key to Advanced Facebook Ad A/B Testing

When it comes to effectively managing Facebook ad campaigns, you must run A/B tests. An A/B test allows you to run two (or more) ads simultaneously to the same audience in real time to determine which one produces the best results. You can elect to test two very different ads against each other, or two ads that have just one … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Facebook pixel tracking on a WordPress site

When I ran our first Facebook lead gen campaign, we had some problems with pixel tracking. If you’re getting a notification from Facebook similar to the one above, you’ll need to troubleshoot. Here’s how the process went for me. The first thing I did was turn to one of our experts. One of our social account managers, Alicia, recommended the … Continue reading

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Defining Your Customer Acquisition Funnel

I’ve written in the past about how you have to know your customers and, on this site, how to define personas for Facebook PPC success. That is the first step to any successful PPC effort. However, what do you do once you know who you’re after? The Customer Acquisition Funnel To understand the funnel you need to put yourself in … Continue reading

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How-To: Run a Facebook Lead-Gen Campaign

So it’s time to move beyond the simple ‘page likes’ campaign and get some traffic pointed to your lead form. How do you do it? The process (assuming you’re comfortable with the Facebook Advertising environment) is quite simple, and I’ll break it down for you. In Ads Manager, you’ll want to navigate first to “Conversion Tracking.” Here you’ll find the … Continue reading

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How To: Get Started With Custom Audiences

I have had several new-to-Facebook-advertising people approach me and ask, “What is the safest way to start advertising on Facebook?” While safe is an impossible feat, Custom Audiences are great for anyone starting out with Facebook and unsure of the different targeting options. The Basics Custom Audiences can be first created within the Audience tab of the Power Editor.  Custom … Continue reading

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The Complete Faceboook Ads Checklist

Today, without a doubt, we can say that Facebook is one of the most effective ways of advertising. With over 1.3 active billion users worldwide, Facebook should arguably be incorporated by all advertisers. Alongside the growth in campaign numbers and budgets, the Facebook ad system has substantially improved in the past year, and it now offers its advertisers a wider … Continue reading

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The Reaching, Branding, and Selling Formula with Facebook Ads

Hello, FBPPCers! Today I am going to walk you through a targeting method that will allow you to reach an incredibly refined target group of prospects, ushering them through your sales funnel while making strides on your brand recognition. I’ve used this formula to deliver big results for a wide range of companies, and I want to share it with … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Gamify Your Facebook Page?

Let’s start with a non-academic definition of gamification: “the process of using game mechanisms in non-game context.” In other words, we take typical elements from games (the ones we know have worked in the past) and apply them to different areas. Gamification is one of the most disruptive trends in the current Internet landscape, and numerous statistics show its unstoppable … Continue reading

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