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Social Advertising Holiday Wishlist

The holidays are here, and we’ve got a habit of asking for (and maybe getting one or two) new ad features at the end of the year. Here are our social advertising wishes for the new year — so listen up Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; we’ve got wishes courtesy of Dayna Moon and the social team at 3Q Digital! First up, … Continue reading

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Why the growth of programmatic is more rapid than you think

It might not come as a surprise that more and more marketers are embracing programmatic marketing. Programmatic advertising has been growing for years now, and there’s no sign of a slowdown. Indeed, recent forecasts from eMarketer,Forrester, and BI Intelligence all point to significant growth for the industry in the years ahead. What’s far more surprising is just how rapidly programmatic is growing. The Programmatic … Continue reading

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How and Why to Edit the Comments on Your Facebook Ads

I think most of us can agree that page post ads are great. One of my favorite aspects is that people can comment on, like, and even share page post ads.   Because they pretend to be real posts, people are tricked into interacting organically with these ads. Every additional ‘like’ and comment can give credibility as well as momentum. When … Continue reading

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A Facebook Ad’s Role in Inbound Marketing

After this year’s INBOUND conference, I really started thinking about where Facebook advertising could fit into the inbound marketing picture. On one hand, Facebook ads are generally used to push users into your funnel, whereas most inbound marketing tactics are focused on drawing people into your website by offering valuable content first. There are a number of synergies that can … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Edge in Using Identity in Digital Marketing

Fragmentation of device usage and media consumption means marketers can no longer rely on traditional marketing funnels and communication strategies that hinge on mass messaging. As marketers move to more diverse media channels, how can they target their messaging, measure response, and react to consumer feedback? Although Cookies have been used for tackling this attribution question in the past, User … Continue reading

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3 Sorely Needed Facebook Ad Improvements

Don’t take this the wrong way: Facebook is a wonderful advertising platform. The costs can be low and the reach can be great, especially when you know what you’re doing. So please, Zuckerberg, don’t be mad at us when we say that there are things that… could use some improvement. We reached out to some of our experts to ask what … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Getting A Bad Rap on Organic Reach?

If you’ve been paying attention over the last few months, you’ve probably come across articles that could have been written by Chicken Little. With titles like “Brands’ Organic Facebook Reach Has Crashed Since October: Study” (that one’s from Ogilvy) or “Facebook Organic Reach Rapidly Approaching Zero” (that one is from WordStream), you might be led to believe that Facebook has … Continue reading

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Why Facebook Advertising is not all about generating sales

At Tiger Pistol, we believe success is achieved when our small business customers can say that their social presence is not only sorted, but a strength that is helping grow their business. We often have customers approach us knowing they need to be on social (‘everyone else is doing it’), but not truly understanding the value it can bring.  So … Continue reading

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