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Website Custom Audiences – A Small Business Approach

As website Custom Audiences begin rolling out to all Facebook advertising accounts, this is a good time to look at the benefits of this feature.  Facebook has noted that the WCA feature is different from FBX in the sense that it is meant for companies with smaller product offerings, and for those companies who typically don’t work with third-party providers. … Continue reading

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Expand Your Campaigns with Parallel Markets

Imagine you’re a rancher in a rural part of Idaho. You raise grass-fed beef on your 4th-generation family farm, and you’re trying to find a better way to sell your cattle. You strongly believe that customers should know where their food is coming from and know who’s producing it, how it’s being handled, etc. This is the exact position my … Continue reading

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Website Custom Audiences – Remarketing via Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s introduction of Custom Audiences of website visitors has helped advertisers generate remarketing lists to be used in the Facebook advertising system. Over the past year remarketing via third-party friendships (Facebook Exchange) has been the only remarketing option available on Facebook. But now the network allows you to create the remarketing via its advertising system, in a type of remarketing … Continue reading

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Performance Test: Facebook’s New Lookalike Audiences

At adMixt, we’re always eager to test out new Facebook products designed to improve our clients’ campaign performance. This week, Facebook gave us a long-awaited feature: the ability to create Lookalike Audiences from dynamic sources. We got to work setting up some tests and can share some early results. But first, let’s understand how the current Lookalike product works, and … Continue reading

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What you might not know about WCA (Website Custom Audiences)

Jon Loomer, one of my favorite Facebook geeks, wrote a great post about WCA. Let’s take a geekier point of view for the hard-core folks, shall we? You can create lookalike audiences from a WCA, but it’s currently only available via the Facebook Ads API. We are one of a few dozen companies with Ads API access, so hit me … Continue reading

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Why Website Custom Audiences Matter for SMBs

Small businesses face very specific challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising.  Budgets are limited and resources are scarce, but the good news is that Facebook understands that struggle and has been making some consecutive moves to help out small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners with features that will drive traffic and acquire more customers.  Facebook’s most recent feature, … Continue reading

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Q4 2013: The Biggest Quarter in Facebook Retargeting History

Q4 2013 was the biggest quarter in Facebook retargeting history as direct-response advertisers spent more marketing dollars on the channel proven to drive ROI at scale. When retargeting on the Facebook Exchange made its debut in 2012, the Facebook landrush quickly began as advertisers set out to capture high-converting, high-revenue customers in the masses. Within the last year, the explosive … Continue reading

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Custom Audience targeting – all you need to know (really)

Custom Audience targeting (as noted by Dennis Yu many months ago) is one of the single biggest advancements in Facebook ads in 2013. So we thought we’d pull some of the best literature on the subject to make sure you’re primed to capitalize. First, a few guides to getting started: – From AdEspresso – From AdStage You can also check … Continue reading

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