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How to Drive Sales Using Hyper-Targeting on Facebook

With the sheer numbers of Facebook users, it can be easy to get carried away building ads for large audiences. However, often smaller is better. Using hyper-targeted ads on Facebook could be a powerful way to increase your click-through rates and get customers buying from your store. Luckily, Facebook is the perfect platform for hyper-targeting. No other online platform has … Continue reading

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Content Marketing Meets Retargeting

Content marketing has become increasingly important as brands aim to build trust and engage with new and existing consumers. 90% of B2C marketers leverage content marketing, and 60% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase this year, according to the Content Marketing Institute. What are marketers doing with all of this content? Most of us are distributing … Continue reading

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Facebook Targeting 101: A Primer on Options and Audience Size

A question that I generally get from new Facebook advertisers is: how large should my target audience be? It is a good question that every person has a different answer for. The first part of understanding audience size is to understand the types of Facebook targeting available outside of Custom Audiences. Types of Targeting The following are the targeting options … Continue reading

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5 Great Ways to Use Website Custom Audiences

For our clients, we find that the most effective thing we can do with Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences feature is build better relationships with people who are likely to be good customers. Identifying these users is simple: We target based on certain behaviors that indicate an existing interest in our clients’ brands. Try one of our five favorite Website Custom … Continue reading

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How to use Website Custom Audiences

Go to Ads Manager 1. Enter Ads Manager and click Audiences: 2. Click on Create Audience 3. Choose Website Users Custom Audiences 4. You’ll see a notification, requesting you to confirm terms of service and allowing you to view the pixel. 5. Click to view the pixel, then copy it or send to the website developer – the pixel should … Continue reading

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5 New Facebook Ad Targeting Capabilities

The Facebook Ads tool is ratcheting it up a notch. They’ve teamed up with some of the creepiest data-mining companies out there to create an advertising tool capable of targeting with unheard-of precision. But you already know that. You know that Facebook’s targeting capabilities are second-to-none. But did you know they’re getting better? This article will take a look at … Continue reading

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How to Use Audience Insights for Ad Targeting

Now that Facebook has released their Audience Insights report for all advertisers, it’s a good time to see how we can make that data actionable. There are a number of tabs available in Audience Insights. Some offer more useful data than others. You want to identify the data points where your audience differs dramatically from the average Facebook audience. Those … Continue reading

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Track Conversions to Keep your Retargeting Campaigns Accountable

You’re using retargeting to advertise to your lost customers? You’re off to a great start! But are you tracking your conversions within your retargeting campaign? It’s essential that you do to ensure your campaign stats are in sync with your actual sales/conversions. To create a conversion, consider what actions you want visitors on your website to take. They can be: … Continue reading

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