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Dig Deeper With Facebook Demographic Targeting

Facebook has powerful targeting options. While many people pigeon-hole Facebook Advertising as a tool to promote your posts or buy “likes”, Facebook has quietly been adding more and more options to their targeting. And I’m talking about more than just interests. However, Facebook has not been doing a great job of publicizing their targeting capabilities. You could say they’re in … Continue reading

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Quick case study: should you use relevance score for Facebook optimizations?

Relevance Score has been a common topic for Facebook advertisers and paid search blogs over the last month. What relevance score is has already been covered; Kendra Pennington already put a great post up about relevance score on this very blog. What I wanted to know was: does Facebook know what they’re doing? Do my relevance scores match up with … Continue reading

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How to optimize your top 3 lookalike audiences

Finding the right custom audience to create a lookalike audience off of can be the difference between meeting and missing your CPA goals. One of the first tests I recommend running, when starting a new account, is an A/B test using different lookalike audiences. Assuming you have quite a few customers, I recommend the following lookalike audiences: 1. All of … Continue reading

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Turn Big Data into Big Business with Native Retargeting

As 2014 concludes, it is clearer than ever before that native retargeting solutions like those on Facebook work. Presenting relevant, timely advertisements to interested customers in places they’ll actually see them greatly improves both click-through rates and subsequent conversions. But are you doing everything you can to ensure that you’re maximizing your retargeting investment? There are three simple but powerful … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Facebook’s Custom Audiences

Facebook has a lot of different targeting features (some of which can be used in conjunction with each other), and understanding each of them thoroughly often takes a lot of time, research, and split testing. Facebook’s Custom Audiences is a great tool, one a lot of people have raved about because of its frequently high conversion rates, but it has … Continue reading

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The Inhumanity of Facebook’s Ad Algorithm

Most of the Facebook Direct Messages I receive tend to be from “women” who seem to be interested in getting to know me a lot better. There are several problems with this: 1)     I’m happily married. 2)     I’ve seen “Catfish”. 3)     Those “women” aren’t who they claim to be (and likely aren’t even “women”). 4)     The messages violate Facebook TOS … Continue reading

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Retargeting

Retargeting has become a necessary ingredient in the digital advertiser’s marketing mix. 96% of advertisers say retargeting is already a part of their marketing mix, and 50% plan to increase retargeting budgets in the next six months. With retargeting on the rise, especially on Facebook, what can advertisers do to get the most bang for their buck? We polled Triggit’s … Continue reading

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How to Drive Sales Using Hyper-Targeting on Facebook

With the sheer numbers of Facebook users, it can be easy to get carried away building ads for large audiences. However, often smaller is better. Using hyper-targeted ads on Facebook could be a powerful way to increase your click-through rates and get customers buying from your store. Luckily, Facebook is the perfect platform for hyper-targeting. No other online platform has … Continue reading

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