Use Big Data for Smart Facebook Targeting

Feeding frenzies can teach you a lot, especially during the first Christmas of Facebook’s Big Data. When Facebook cut Page Reach 20 days before Christmas, lots of very big budgets began making expensive runs at their own Likes, while looking for needles in the haystack of Partner Categories, Interests, and demographics. Big Data in the right hands, with the ultimate … Continue reading

Building a Rebranded Facebook Page 2: Take Back the Likes!

So you’ve just rebranded, you’re exhausted from all of the work, and all you’ve got to show for it on Facebook is a brand spankin’ new page with a grand total of 1 like: yourself (Facebook assumes you like your own page well enough to have created it).   You also have an old page with more than 200 likes, … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Video Ads

Video Ads look like

They’ve been planning it, floating the idea, testing the waters, and pushing the release date since January of last year. But now it seems to be happening: Facebook Video Ads are here. Are you interested? Should you be? Will Facebook Video Ads be right for your business? In this post, I’ll take a look at the new Facebook Video Ads. … Continue reading

Facebook Retargeting in Brazil: One to Watch in 2014


It’s a new year, and like many of you, we’ve been reflecting on the themes that shaped our growth in 2013. This past year has brought incredibly exciting developments to the digital media world, including the launch of retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed, the rise of the native ad unit, and, perhaps most exciting as Triggit’s global business continues to … Continue reading

New RHS Ad with Multiple Ad Images

Facebook has always been experimenting with different ad formats. Whether it’s adding objectives, a people meter, or just simplifying ads in general, it’s getting pretty hard to really keep track of what’s going on. And now this… I’ve seen at least 3 different ads in this format (same tile and body text, but changeable pictures in a similar fashion to a … Continue reading

A Deeper Look at News Feed Burnout

Recently, Facebook said that at any point in time there are 1,500 items competing to show up in your News Feed. And according to “Zuckerberg’s Law,” the amount of sharing by people is doubling every year, leading to an overload of content. On one hand, some advertisers are burning out the News Feed with the same old ads. Yet consumers … Continue reading

The 6 Amazing Marketing Features Facebook Gave Us in 2013


With the New Year come and gone, we look back on 2013 as a momentous year for Facebook, and online marketers. Here at adMixt, we focus on performance marketing for e-commerce companies, so throughout 2013, these were the features powering our growth: 1. January: Conversion Measurement It wasn’t until January that Facebook publically released Offsite Conversion Pixels, allowing advertisers to … Continue reading

Facebook’s new CPA bidding technique: there’s a big catch


Facebook continues to go through major changes in the way advertisers can bid on traffic. The introduction of CPA-based bidding marks a true alignment between Facebook and advertising, because at the end of the day, most advertisers don’t want to absorb the risk of CPC or oCPM bidding. The reason CPC and oCPM bidding methods are risky is that the … Continue reading