What Election Day Tells Us About Social Media


Although 11/4 was not a holiday, we saw increased engagement across the major social media platforms because of #ElectionDay! In the last 4 years, the percentage of people following politics on social media has skyrocketed to 21%. To honor this, I took a deep dive into some of the most recent research done by the Pew Research Center in relation … Continue reading

The Inhumanity of Facebook’s Ad Algorithm


Most of the Facebook Direct Messages I receive tend to be from “women” who seem to be interested in getting to know me a lot better. There are several problems with this: 1)     I’m happily married. 2)     I’ve seen “Catfish”. 3)     Those “women” aren’t who they claim to be (and likely aren’t even “women”). 4)     The messages violate Facebook TOS … Continue reading

Best Posts of October 2014


Want to catch up on all the great stories we’ve covered this October? Here’s your one-stop shop for all the important social network news from FBPPC this month! We had two fantastic posts from our guest poster Juliana Nicholson. The first, entitled Seamlessly Combine Campaigns Across Platforms, is the perfect resource to make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., are in … Continue reading

The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Retargeting


Retargeting has become a necessary ingredient in the digital advertiser’s marketing mix. 96% of advertisers say retargeting is already a part of their marketing mix, and 50% plan to increase retargeting budgets in the next six months. With retargeting on the rise, especially on Facebook, what can advertisers do to get the most bang for their buck? We polled Triggit’s … Continue reading

Experts Say: Limit Use of Snapchat Ads to Brand Awareness


Snapchat. Either you love it, or you just don’t get it. Either way: they’ve been hugely successful. Users send 700 million photos and videos per day using the service. Marketers should be keen on getting in front of this audience, but the advertising model that Snapchat has announced is falling flat with marketers. The problem? Ads are not able to … Continue reading

What Makes a Quality Facebook Ad, Anyway?


If you’re looking for inspiration for your next Facebook Campaign, look no further! We’ve asked our experts to weigh in on effective Facebook ad copy and strategy. First, it’s a good idea to look at what not to do: This intentionally vague copy could apply to anything for sale at eBay. There’s really no reason for anyone to click on the ad. -Sam Mazaheri, … Continue reading

How to Seamlessly Combine Campaigns Across Platforms


How many social platforms have you advertised on? Advertisers have broken ground on nearly every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and soon Snapchat. While more ad-friendly social networks offer us a chance to reach larger and more diverse user-bases, we have to remember that with greater platform choice, comes greater responsibility. While your overall messaging should remain … Continue reading

6 Things To Help You Decide Between FBX and Native FB Retargeting


There are many reasons to do remarketing. We get to create ads personalized for visitors, who are already familiar with our brand and our website; Because it’s a cookie placed on their browser, even business-to-business accounts can benefit from remarketing on Facebook. The real question is how do you decide between native Facebook remarketing and FBX platforms. Native remarketing is … Continue reading