3 Reasons To Refresh Ad Creative


Have your ads ever gotten lazy? Let’s say an ad has amazing performance for a couple weeks (or even months) and then, performance disappears. It still does okay, but traffic has slowed, and as a result, conversions and clicks have dropped. This is not a unique phenomenon for the Facebook Advertiser.  There are three basic arguments for refreshing ad copy … Continue reading

How to Save Facebook’s RHS Ads


I cannot recall the last time I set up a Facebook right-hand side advert. It cannot have been that long ago, but already the memory has been vanquished by the statistical dominance of News Feed ads. The data is phenomenal; some research has suggested that click-through rates on News Feed adverts are up to 50x higher than that of right-hand … Continue reading

Social Marketers Discuss New Ad Feeback System


With Facebook’s new Ad Feedback system in place, what impact will it have on campaigns across the board? Dayna Moon, Sr. Director of Social Advertising “The only constant in social media is change.” For better or worse we live and work in a dynamic environment that often breeds a level of reactiveness versus being proactive and consultative. As the ecosystem … Continue reading

How to Mine for Quality, Profitable Users on Facebook


I heard a telling question regarding Mobile App Install ads on Facebook at a recent trade show.  An advertiser perusing the booths asked a rep from a prominent PMD: “So do you just bid OCPM and let Facebook do the work?”  The PMD rep’s answer was dead-on: “Sometimes that’s where you start, then you begin to mine the gold.” That’s … Continue reading

How to Use Audience Insights for Ad Targeting

purchase behavior

Now that Facebook has released their Audience Insights report for all advertisers, it’s a good time to see how we can make that data actionable. There are a number of tabs available in Audience Insights. Some offer more useful data than others. You want to identify the data points where your audience differs dramatically from the average Facebook audience. Those … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising for Beginners: Create Your First Like Ad


Confession time: I am not an advertiser. I fill more of a traditional marketing position here at 3Q (look out for my next post entitled “explaining to your grandparents what ‘regular marketing for a digital marketing agency’ means.”) When I was given the opportunity to start running ads for the agency on Facebook, I looked forward to the training, but … Continue reading

Meet the New Facebook Advertising Interface (Psst – It’s Awesome)


Back on February 26th Facebook announced a self-proclaimed “Simpler Way to Organize and Optimize Campaigns on Facebook.” The main point of the update was to phase out the old structure composed of campaigns & ads in favor of a 3-tiered organization structure that looks like this: For the seasoned PPC professional, this system looks a lot like the structure utilized … Continue reading

5 Things to Know If You Are New To Facebook Advertising


There are several things that I take for granted when working with Facebook Ads.  At this point, I consider them basic facts of the Facebook world that anyone who has worked with Facebook learns pretty quickly.  If you’re a Facebook fledgling, these five tips are for you! The Facebook learning curve is astronomical; and here are a few tips that … Continue reading