Quick case study: should you use relevance score for Facebook optimizations?


Relevance Score has been a common topic for Facebook advertisers and paid search blogs over the last month. What relevance score is has already been covered; Kendra Pennington already put a great post up about relevance score on this very blog. What I wanted to know was: does Facebook know what they’re doing? Do my relevance scores match up with … Continue reading

Back to Basics – Tailor Facebook Ads to Your Audience


As marketers, it can be easy to get bogged down with the “what” of advertising. What are we selling? What do we want to convey? What goals do we want to accomplish? It is all too easy to forget who you’re trying to reach. Let’s go back to basics and look at how to better understand our audiences on Facebook. … Continue reading

How to optimize your top 3 lookalike audiences


Finding the right custom audience to create a lookalike audience off of can be the difference between meeting and missing your CPA goals. One of the first tests I recommend running, when starting a new account, is an A/B test using different lookalike audiences. Assuming you have quite a few customers, I recommend the following lookalike audiences: 1. All of … Continue reading

If you’re doing only Facebook retargeting, prepare to get left in the dust

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You’ve probably heard me say that smart social advertising is starting to look like paid marketing automation. In other words, you’re sending micro-targeted messages via channels other than email, triggered by a user action. Thus, the most powerful of marketing automation techniques is retargeting, by this broader definition. You’ve seen how custom audiences on Facebook are absolutely killer, whether by web … Continue reading

How Messaging Apps Can Be Used by Businesses

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The need for one-to-one interactions and privacy has led to interesting innovations in the field of online communication. From Yahoo Messenger to Google Talk, from Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp, new ideas are consistently changing the game. Some of them have been forgotten and replaced by newer ideas with time. When the social networks most use on a day-to-day basis eventually … Continue reading

What Boston’s Epic Blizzards Taught Me about Social Marketing


As someone who was born and raised in upstate NY, I always thought I knew what it meant to endure a snowy winter. But this year in Boston has put my previous street cred to shame. This February alone, the city has accumulated over 60 inches of snow—that’s more than the total seasonal snowfall we have received in over 75% … Continue reading

Facebook vs. LinkedIn B2B Smackdown


The other day I was listening to a webinar being presented by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions where they were making the case for utilizing LinkedIn. Just in case you haven’t read them yet, there is a great series of posts on LinkedIn on the FBPPC blog here. They shared some impressive statistics and insights around LinkedIn and their audience, some of … Continue reading

Add Personality to your Customer Engagement Campaign


In 2010, Gap launched a new expensive logo that was aimed at capturing the hearts of a younger, hipper crowd. However, just days after launch, the new logo set off an online backlash from consumers who criticized the decision to ditch the well-known logo. 2 days later, the shiny new logo was put back into its box, never to be … Continue reading