What Can Game of Thrones Teach us About Social Media?


If you are a fan or watch the highly acclaimed HBO series #GameofThrones and dabble in the social media landscape, then you undoubtedly have seen several of the parodies recently created, including this latest video from Hootsuite showcasing the different kingdoms and their rise to power. Whatever your kingdom (or social channel), there are a bunch of #GOT-themed tenets that hold … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – April 11, 2014


The FTC approved Facebook’s deal with WhatsApp, but warned that they had to respect a few things about user data, in addition to allow users a way to opt out of any future changes. Facebook is shuttering the messaging functionality in it’s regular app, forcing users to message via the dedicated app. Perhaps this will lead to a new advertising … Continue reading

Website Custom Audiences – A Small Business Approach


As website Custom Audiences begin rolling out to all Facebook advertising accounts, this is a good time to look at the benefits of this feature.  Facebook has noted that the WCA feature is different from FBX in the sense that it is meant for companies with smaller product offerings, and for those companies who typically don’t work with third-party providers. … Continue reading

Facebook Offers – What, How, and Why

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Sometimes there are parts of Facebook Advertising that I forget exist. I focus on what is working and put off trying something new. Facebook Offers are one of those things! If you are familiar with Offer Extensions in Google AdWords, then you have a pretty good idea what is an Offer Claim in Facebook. For those of us who do … Continue reading

Expand Your Campaigns with Parallel Markets


Imagine you’re a rancher in a rural part of Idaho. You raise grass-fed beef on your 4th-generation family farm, and you’re trying to find a better way to sell your cattle. You strongly believe that customers should know where their food is coming from and know who’s producing it, how it’s being handled, etc. This is the exact position my … Continue reading

Website Custom Audiences – Remarketing via Facebook Advertising


Facebook’s introduction of Custom Audiences of website visitors has helped advertisers generate remarketing lists to be used in the Facebook advertising system. Over the past year remarketing via third-party friendships (Facebook Exchange) has been the only remarketing option available on Facebook. But now the network allows you to create the remarketing via its advertising system, in a type of remarketing … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – April 4, 2014


Opening day for the MLB was huge on Facebook. The Yankees and the Dodgers have added most likes in the last 7 days, even though nobody likes those teams in real life (why yes, I am a Giants fan, why do you ask?). Wu-Tang Clan announced a new album, of which there will be one official copy made. They gained … Continue reading

Who are your likes, really?

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By now you have probably seen the “Facebook Fraud” video from Veritasium that blasts Facebook for selling fake likes. You have probably also seen Jon Loomer’s great response on his blog. Vertasium does make some valid points and if you repeat his steps, you will get the same results with fake likes and low engagement. Targeting is the path to … Continue reading