Facebook Brings Holiday Cheer – and Marketing Advice!


With the year coming to a close, many retailers and brands are doing their best to take advantage of the holiday shopping season and finish out the quarter strong. Thankfully, Facebook published a blog post last Monday, providing marketers with some holiday advice that may help give them that extra push they need to finish off the year strong: focus … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

FB Turkey

In light of the upcoming holiday, there will be no new blogs Thursday or Friday. Enjoy some football, tryptophan, and family fun! We’ll be back Monday with our regularly scheduled posting!

Building a Rebranded Facebook Page 1: Cutover

Going through a rebrand and worried about the growing pains? Welcome to the club. Rebranding is a long and arduous process, and Facebook doesn’t make it any easier.   This series will cover four steps for a Facebook page rebrand: 1) cutting over the page (or not!); 2) getting fans of the old page to like the new page; 3) … Continue reading

Dynamic Retargeting On Facebook: How to Win the Dogfight

When search engine marketing (SEM) was in its early years, the direct response advertisers who dove in saw an unprecedented combination of great ROI, scale, and immediate conversions. In a market with little competition, global reach and stellar conversion rates, all you needed to succeed then was some basic search knowledge and an Overture or AdWords account. As the SEM … Continue reading

Learn Engagement Velocity – and How It Can Shape Your Strategy

I want to introduce a concept I like to call Engagement Velocity. The premise is that objects within social platforms have a velocity as they move through networks. When discussing Engagement Velocity, I tend to speak specifically to Facebook marketing. The Facebook platform has mechanisms in place that enable this phenomenon more easily than in other networks such as Twitter. … Continue reading

Breaking into Emerging Markets with Facebook and Mobile

 Facebook is poised to take over APAC, one Like at a time. For the past year and a half, Facebook has been making inroads into the mobile space, a move they have been vocal about for some time now. Their bold moves reveal that their strategy and execution have paid off rather handsomely; Facebook mobile users have grown steadily and … Continue reading

3 Strategies to Reach New Parents with Facebook Marketing

My wife just gave birth to our fourth little girl a few months back, and Hillary at 3Q Digital suggested that I tackle the subject this month on FBPPC: how would I reach people like me on Facebook? Facebook makes it surprisingly easy – not to mention effective. Here’s how I would serve Facebook ads to new parents like myself. … Continue reading

Use Facebook’s Ad Updates to Dominate Holiday Shopping

Mobile App Ads Image for blog

Today’s post is by Meghan Prober, Director of Marketing at Ampush. The winter holidays loom larger than ever this year for Facebook advertisers. The shopping season is the shortest it’s been since 2002, consumers are savvier comparison shoppers through the use of mobile apps and social media, and trusted online reviews and peer recommendations are more powerful than ever. Take advantage of … Continue reading