Use Custom Audiences to Create Highly Targeted AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

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Remarketing is the ability to show specific ads to users based on their previous visits and actions on your site. This can be extremely effective as far as conversions and cost since you can use those previous visits and actions on your site to identify highly interested individuals.  But one way of identifying interested individuals, through Facebook Custom Audiences, is … Continue reading

Why recent attempts to model Facebook’s News Feed algorithms are bogus

Are you tired of seeing the stories of people spending money on Facebook, but not seeing a return? Or of the supposed fake like armies?  Or maybe it’s the whining on decreased News Feed reach. Some opportunists have seized upon market frustration to peddle their own snake oil, whether it be how they “cracked the code” to the News Feed … Continue reading

How to Survive Facebook Advertising As Best Practices Evolve


Facebook has made several huge changes in the last six months (check out these posts: 1 and 2). In October, objective-based ad buying was made available to the public, ad sets are being steamrolled out this month, and the ability to create ads from old ad types is going to be removed by April. While most of these new features aren’t … Continue reading

Kill it for eCommerce Companies Using Predictive Lifetime Value


Brands that use predictive lifetime value are able to find and acquire more profitable customers. Facebook’s evolution into a mature advertising platform that helps brands truly meet their business objectives has led to the development of powerful tools for determining return on ad spend (ROAS). While Facebook allows us to determine revenue we’ve generated for our clients using data that … Continue reading

Which ad won?

We have two ads to drive page likes. First, one promoting a T-shirt giveaway: And another page like sponsored story (an ad unit going away on April 9th): Clearly, the standard newsfeed ad is much bigger. But the page like story actually had a higher CTR (barely). The cost per fan was only 77 cents on the contest, while the … Continue reading

What Facebook’s recommendations are on partner categories– and how to juice the system

One of the cool things of being part of the PMD and Ads API group is that we get announcements and recommendations from Facebook on new products, plus how to use them. Partner category targets are powerful, as they tie offline data to Facebook profiles, like we discussed. But performance marketers have been complaining that they don’t drive direct conversion … Continue reading

The Multi-Funnel B2B Approach for Facebook PPC Success


A majority of the SEM, PPC, and digital marketing content in the blogosphere and large publications is dominated by B2C strategy, insights, and case studies. If you work for a client or company that sells products or services to a broad swath of consumers, you have a sea of good content on strategy. For those of us on the other … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – March 7, 2014


A redesign is looming! Facebook is planning to redesign the desktop newsfeed to look more like the mobile newsfeed. Queue a barrage of hate mail from users who still wish Facebook was college only.   Privacy groups are filing complaints against Facebook for their acquisition of WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t store user data, while Facebook most certainly does. If you’re curious … Continue reading