Facebook Earnings: Mobile Growth Now, More on the Way


In anticipation of Facebook’s Wednesday quarterly earnings call, we did a quick “check-in” to gauge account performance across a variety of advertiser objectives and verticals. The story is clear: we have yet to realize the full potential of mobile, and as Facebook continues to release advanced targeting features, we can expect continued market interest and growth in ad revenue in the … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – April 18, 2014


Game of Thrones is back, and it can teach us a lot about Facebook advertising! Facebook is introducing an opt-in “nearby friends” feature, which will tall you when you’re nearby friends so you can get in touch with them. They’re also testing a “popular places in your area” module. Facebook is promoting publishers with “get interesting news” in the news … Continue reading

How to create high CTR ads for Facebook


There are two main components to driving a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Those components are proper audience targeting and the right creative for your audience. By studying your company’s brand thoroughly, you can produce the right creative and copy for maximum impact on your target audience. To get to this point, there is a four-step process to completion. Step 1. … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Sharing


Sharing. Sharing is the number one most important aspect of social media. Why? Sharing supercedes ad budgets, algorithms, and anything the average social media manager is complaining about. Sharing is the reason that Apple doesn’t need a social media ninja-rockstar-pirate. Social media is a utility that connects the web. Great content that is sharable will be shared. Hypothetical Let’s pretend … Continue reading

Properly Segment your Visitors for Facebook Exchange Retargeting


Retargeting is extremely effective at boomerang-ing lost visitors to your website to renew their interest in your products or services. But not every interested visitor who comes back is clamoring for the same kind of product, service, or information. Most companies change the information on their website, introduce new offers and promotions, and add or remove new products or services. … Continue reading

What Can Game of Thrones Teach us About Social Media?


If you are a fan or watch the highly acclaimed HBO series #GameofThrones and dabble in the social media landscape, then you undoubtedly have seen several of the parodies recently created, including this latest video from Hootsuite showcasing the different kingdoms and their rise to power. Whatever your kingdom (or social channel), there are a bunch of #GOT-themed tenets that hold … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – April 11, 2014


The FTC approved Facebook’s deal with WhatsApp, but warned that they had to respect a few things about user data, in addition to allow users a way to opt out of any future changes. Facebook is shuttering the messaging functionality in it’s regular app, forcing users to message via the dedicated app. Perhaps this will lead to a new advertising … Continue reading

Website Custom Audiences – A Small Business Approach


As website Custom Audiences begin rolling out to all Facebook advertising accounts, this is a good time to look at the benefits of this feature.  Facebook has noted that the WCA feature is different from FBX in the sense that it is meant for companies with smaller product offerings, and for those companies who typically don’t work with third-party providers. … Continue reading