Three Facebook Ad Tests You Probably Haven’t Tried


Facebook has nearly 1.2 Billion active monthly users worldwide. These are your neighbors, potential customers, and people who have never heard of you. You want to make a positive impression and win the click, but are your ads getting stale? Here’s 3 ad tests you probably haven’t tried: Get Close You’ve testing the professional stock image against the informal, fun … Continue reading

Q4 2013: The Biggest Quarter in Facebook Retargeting History


Q4 2013 was the biggest quarter in Facebook retargeting history as direct-response advertisers spent more marketing dollars on the channel proven to drive ROI at scale. When retargeting on the Facebook Exchange made its debut in 2012, the Facebook landrush quickly began as advertisers set out to capture high-converting, high-revenue customers in the masses. Within the last year, the explosive … Continue reading

5 Ways to Segment Facebook Ad Campaigns for Fast, ROI-Driven Analysis

Precise interest

My team over at Single Grain manages a lot of ad spend, so out of pure necessity we’ve developed simple systems to make analysis as easy as possible without sacrificing results. If you work for an agency, you understand that every client is different – the size of their organization and available resources, what they want to accomplish, and how … Continue reading

What Do Facebook’s Earnings Mean for Marketers?

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.54.26 AM

Facebook’s earnings for Q4 2013 blew away analysts’ expectations and skyrocketed the company stock more than 10%. Throughout their conference call, the Facebook executive team focused on mobile usage and mobile ad revenue as key drivers of growth. We can expect to see an array of enhancements to Facebook’s mobile offerings, including several standalone mobile apps, like the forthcoming Paper, … Continue reading

Facebook Launches Paper Next Week!


Just hours after Facebook’s Q4 earnings were released, Facebook introduced Paper, a new app that works to combine your interests with your News Feed. The app allows users to customize what sections they see. The first section is your News Feed. From there you can view friend’s updates, pictures, and more. The other sections are added by the user. Facebook … Continue reading

Got one of these Facebook ad problems? Report it


Last week, Facebook launched a “report a problem” feature in its Ad Manager. I’m already planning a bunch of ways to use it: here are five issues that keep cropping up. 1. Waiting For Audiences To Be Built – Have you ever tried to build a lookalike (similar or reach) and noticed that it just doesn’t happen? This happened to … Continue reading

Have you been thinking of Facebook Ads only in terms of sales? Stop!


Sure, Facebook ads are awesome for advertising a sale, promotion, or campaign for your ecommerce store, or ‘selling’ free-trials to a highly-targeted market, but what about re-thinking Facebook Ads entirely? What if you, instead, think of them as lead-capture tools? Fact: Clicking on an ad on a social site is usually the first step towards a sale rather than the … Continue reading

Yes, You Can Measure Offline Facebook ROI


Proving Facebook ROI is no easy task. While measurement tools have proliferated in recent years to help marketers tie clicks, likes, fans, comments, and shares to online sales, tracking offline sales lift from Facebook ads has remained stubbornly reliant on educated guesses. Until now. Last month, Facebook announced on its blog that it was expanding Custom Audiences to enable offline … Continue reading