Drive sustained value with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

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A client of ours recently approached us about testing a freemium pricing structure for one of their paid strategy games. They wanted to see first if the app could survive as a free app and if they would be able to find and retain the right customers to achieve their ROI goals. Facebook was the most obvious choice for this … Continue reading

Use Post-Click Data to Determine Facebook Ads’ True ROI

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At adMixt, our top priority is insuring clients’ campaigns meet their goals. That means we prove our return on ad spend, or cost per acquisition performance. This involves targeting, creative testing, and optimization, but key to all of that is measurement. Without accurate measurement, optimizations do not work, and we’re left guessing at the best course of action. The further … Continue reading

How to Recruit Using Facebook Advertising


Social media advertising can be used in a number of different ways. Obviously the most popular are lead generation and Facebook page engagement. How else can we use it? According to a 2014 report by Jobvite, “75% of social job seekers found their position through Facebook.” Honestly, that number took me by surprise. Let’s dig a little deeper and discover … Continue reading

Learn Dynamic Insertion Retargeting for Travel Sites

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Retargeting can vary widely for different types of websites. E-commerce websites, for example, can be very different compared to travel websites. If a user browsed a product on an e-commerce site and left without converting, he/she could be retargeted with dynamic product ads full of relevant details from the product feed, including product name, image, and price. Feed-based, dynamic retargeting … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – April 25, 2014


3Q Digital offered a preview of Facebook’s earnings based on data collected from clients. David Ebersman, the current CFO of Facebook, has announced that he will be stepping down from the position on June 1. Moves, a fitness activity diary company, has been acquired by Facebook. 53% is a majority, and that’s precisely the ratio of social logins to Facebook … Continue reading

Facebook Marketers Interview Series- Alicia Antoniolli


Name: Alicia Antoniolli Title: Social Account Manager Company: 3Q Digital If you had 10 million dollars to invest and you could invest in Google or Facebook stock, which would you pick, and why?  I would choose Facebook. It took some time for their advertising platform to grow and earn clout, and it’s still just beginning to capitalize on advertising, but they are making … Continue reading

Effective lead gen with Facebook Ads is like high-end PR

By PR, I mean Public Relations, not PageRank. Yesterday, I was preparing for #ICON14, a small business conference I’m speaking at in Phoenix next week. The Infusionsoft folks interviewed me on their blog, giving a sneak peek of the Facebook ad techniques I’m covering. We’re talking about how content marketing and Facebook ads are now the same thing, when done right. That … Continue reading

How-to Survive the Death of Likebaiting


One of my friends manages a Facebook account for a small survival supply online store. I asked him, “Have you noticed a decrease in your organic reach?” “Yeah,” he said. “We’re only hitting about a fifth of what we were before.” “Have you looked into advertising?” “I’d love to, but my client refuses to let me spend any money on … Continue reading