Video in mobile app ads – more interaction, more retargeting options

Earlier this week, Facebook announced some new capabilities being offered to mobile app install ads that will improve the efficiency of app installs. One capability I feel will be extremely useful and effective is the ability for developers to include video within their mobile app ads. Being able to include video in app install ads provides advertisers with a bigger … Continue reading

New Google/Facebook Announcements: What They Mean for Advertisers

There have been two big pieces of Facebook/Google news recently. One of the most visible to our industry has been the new partnership between the two tech companies; Google DoubleClick advertisers can now purchase FBX inventory, an awesome development. The other news was a little more subtle, but a little more obvious at the same time; Google is rolling out … Continue reading

Facebook making a big push with direct sales

Facebook has been expanding their sales team to businesses of all sizes. They are now positioned as “Facebook Ad Experts” instead of newly minted sales reps. Here’s what we’re seeing: Historically, reaching a live person at Facebook was hard, as it meant you were talking with an engineer, product, or marketing person in Palo Alto. Now we’re all getting the … Continue reading

The Metrics of Success in Facebook Advertising

I’m sure you’ve heard the news of yet another revision to Facebook’s ad creation interface – all designed with the hope of making it easier for Facebook advertisers (and users who want to take a stab at Facebook advertising) to reach their target audience. So what’s Facebook’s incentive to continually make it easier for users to create ads on their … Continue reading

20 Quick Facebook Ads QA Steps


When I worked at 3Q Digital, I used to ask my team tons of questions if an account’s performance took a sudden dip. When it got to the point where we started joking about how many questions I had, I figured it was time to start a list. So here you go…you’ll be surprised what turns up if you go through … Continue reading

Performance Recap: Facebook’s New Link Posts Ad Format Works

(The following is an anecdotal lesson on why it’s important to quickly adopt new Facebook ad features.) Facebook is on a mission to address critical feedback regarding its advertising products. They’ve released a torrent of new features this year to aid marketers in accomplishing their goals. One of their largest initiatives has been the simplification and enhancement of their myriad … Continue reading

Google selling FBX ads – what it means

So what’s behind this sudden (and downplayed, at least by the two main parties) union of Google and Facebook ads? Simple– marketers and ad agencies are lazy. Facebook has to make it easier to buy inventory, and allowing DoubleClick into FBX makes complete sense. All else equal, I don’t want to have to use multiple buyers for my paid search … Continue reading

Get your FBX integration strategy ready for the holidays

Today’s post is by Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager at Triggit. Integrations. For the typical display or SEM holiday campaign, “integrations” don’t exist; however, when it comes to retargeting, integrations are the key to utilizing your first party data to relevantly retargeting your site visitors. Since many DR marketers have plans to run FBX campaigns for the holidays, we thought would share a … Continue reading