How to set up CPC bidding with Objective-Based Ad Buying

Facebook is always working to improve its bidding system. Recently, they announced Objective-Based Ad Buying, which makes it even easier for an advertiser to select the intended goal of the campaign. If this option is available in your account, you’ll see the following when you set up a new campaign: With this new redesign, you can still select “Website Conversions” … Continue reading

Facebook Ads: The Sweet Science of A/B Testing

Today’s post is by James Scherer, social media expert for Wishpond. Are you getting the best ROI possible from your Facebook ads? Have you thought about A/B testing but think it’s too complicated for your business? This article will break down A/B testing into bite-size pieces. I’ll explain exactly what it is and give you the four variables you should be A/B … Continue reading

Three Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Facebook’s Latest Initiatives

Vincent Van Gogh said that “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” In the case of Facebook advertising, however, the social network has been making some pretty big consecutive moves to help out small and medium-sized business owners. Its updates in the past month alone have demonstrated a concerted effort to increase the accessibility and … Continue reading

Paid Facebook impressions have no correlation to organic? False!

Some folks recently said that there was no correlation between amplifying a post and the number of organic impressions. The analysis had 5,000 posts from 1,500 pages, which should be a decent sample size. But there are a bunch of arguments to make against this position; I’ll outline just a few of them here. 1)     Paid posts drive fan growth in the … Continue reading

New Survey Points to the Rise of Retargeting on Facebook

Now more than a year old, the Facebook Exchange (FBX) is no longer the new kid on the block. Rather, FBX is now an integral part of the retargeting ecosystem. The latest evidence for FBX’s importance comes from the Chango-Digiday Retargeting Barometer, Q4 2013, which asked nearly 300 media buyers located in the US, Canada, and the UK how retargeting fits … Continue reading

Make Facebook advertising work for SMBs

Facebook advertising has become an important part of the marketing plan of many small businesses (more than ever, after yesterday’s expectation-beating earnings report). Many small businesses like the ability to not spend a ton of money yet still reach a large portion of their targeted audience. Small businesses can spend tens of thousands of dollars per month on Facebook advertising, … Continue reading

Facebook Ads for the Holidays: 3 Quick Tips

Facebook ads can be a powerful marketing tactic for companies for the holidays. Ads can be used to increase page fans, as well as generate quality traffic to offsite product pages. If your plan for the holidays is already in action (as it should be) you may be now planning for optimization or expansion tactics that can leverage every possible … Continue reading

Understand the Essence of Facebook Engagement

Facebook’s goal in the News Feed is to deliver the most interesting content to their users. Facebook uses a wide variety of techniques to define what “interesting content” is. One of their favorite techniques is to analyze how a Facebook post moves through their platform. This is also the most interesting area for brands attempting to market on Facebook. Brands … Continue reading