20 Quick Facebook Ads QA Steps


When I worked at 3Q Digital, I used to ask my team tons of questions if an account’s performance took a sudden dip. When it got to the point where we started joking about how many questions I had, I figured it was time to start a list. So here you go…you’ll be surprised what turns up if you go through … Continue reading

Performance Recap: Facebook’s New Link Posts Ad Format Works

(The following is an anecdotal lesson on why it’s important to quickly adopt new Facebook ad features.) Facebook is on a mission to address critical feedback regarding its advertising products. They’ve released a torrent of new features this year to aid marketers in accomplishing their goals. One of their largest initiatives has been the simplification and enhancement of their myriad … Continue reading

Google selling FBX ads – what it means

So what’s behind this sudden (and downplayed, at least by the two main parties) union of Google and Facebook ads? Simple– marketers and ad agencies are lazy. Facebook has to make it easier to buy inventory, and allowing DoubleClick into FBX makes complete sense. All else equal, I don’t want to have to use multiple buyers for my paid search … Continue reading

Get your FBX integration strategy ready for the holidays

Today’s post is by Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager at Triggit. Integrations. For the typical display or SEM holiday campaign, “integrations” don’t exist; however, when it comes to retargeting, integrations are the key to utilizing your first party data to relevantly retargeting your site visitors. Since many DR marketers have plans to run FBX campaigns for the holidays, we thought would share a … Continue reading

Learn the design theory behind Facebook’s ad units

-Today’s post is by Diana Madsen, designer at Ampush. Facebook’s unification of its user experience across various devices meant unifying its native ad platform was a natural next step. As of September 10th, Facebook updated its ad specs, reducing types of ads in addition to recommending much larger sizes for each ad. It may come as a surprise that Facebook … Continue reading

Why Everything Social is Really Retargeting

Today, Facebook announced Custom Audiences for website visitors and mobile apps. You already know we have Custom Audiences based on email (absolutely huge), fbuserid (which I think will go away eventually for spam abuse), phone number (nobody is using it), and application (few using it). And you know the ROI has been incredible on Custom Audiences, as well as FBX, … Continue reading

Breaking: Facebook Announces Native Retargeting with Custom Audiences

Facebook announced today that it is extending the Custom Audience product to allow for direct targeting of users who have visited websites or used mobile applications. Prior to this, Custom Audience targeting required site visitors to have registered and sent advertisers either their email address, phone number, or Facebook user identifier. With this new release, advertisers will be able to … Continue reading

Why Asia-Pacific is Important for Facebook Advertisers

By now, it is already clear that Facebook is the king of the social network hill in terms of global adoption. Boasting over 1.1 billion users, and in excess of 800 million mobile users, it is the strongest platform on the web (and mobile web). Much of the discussion regarding Facebook has revolved around developed markets, particularly the United States, … Continue reading