Facebook’s Q4 performance shows major direct-response improvement

Anyone who advertises on Facebook is eager to see those Q4 numbers come out on Wednesday. It was apparent to most that Facebook thrived during the holiday season, adding more evidence to the theory that Facebook is a top channel for direct response advertising. We ran numbers for two of our accounts – one online retailer and one lead-generation company … Continue reading

Why you need to use geo settings in FBX

Conversions Graph

There’s little debating the power of FBX or the awesomeness of tools like AdRoll, which is simple enough for a huge range of marketing managers to use with good results. Simple, though, means you don’t have a ton of levers to control – but we’ve found one that works if you’re diligent about using it: geo settings. One of our … Continue reading

Speed Up Ad Creation With Saved Audiences


In the course of managing your Facebook Ads account, you tend to target the same basic audiences again and again. But configuring your audience repeatedly can get really tedious. Thankfully, Facebook’s Power Editor offers a handy feature that lets you save your audience targeting settings for repeated use. Don’t worry; the process is extremely easy and helpful. In this post, … Continue reading

Why does some content get more reach than other content?


We often get asked, Why does a Status Update have more Reach than a Photo? Why do any of the different content types perform differently at all? There are two main components at play: people’s past behavior and how Facebook views each content type. We’ll break down a few of the reasons behind the differences. People’s Past Behavior People have … Continue reading

Website Custom Audiences Now Available To Some Users!


If you haven’t seen AllFacebook’s post on the subject, Website Custom Audiences are now available through the Ads Manager. (I just checked and this new feature is showing in my Ads Manager, but that may be due to our API access.) What this means is that advertisers will no longer be required to go through a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer … Continue reading

Use Facebook to Drive Conversion Rates The Right Way

Fans V Engagement

Exactly how big of a role did Facebook actually play this past holiday season? A recent Marketing Land article reported that Facebook accounted for “more than half of all social referrals to retailers in the Hitwise 500,” driving 5.32% of traffic to retailer sites. In fact, Amazon saw a 36% lift year-over-year in traffic from social sites. Facebook is also … Continue reading

Facebook Insights for Small Businesses: Get Started with the Overview Tab

Figure 1: Courtesy of Mumbling Mommy's Facebook Insights

When it comes to Facebook, small business owners are on the same playing field as their larger competitors. The features that Facebook offers for business pages are the same, and free, no matter what the size, industry or operating budget of the owner. Small business owners can break into emerging markets with the right use of Facebook features. Where some … Continue reading

Big Bad 2014 Prediction and 2013 Retrospection Roundup


We can’t move on to predicting what 2014 will bring us without taking a look back at what we got in 2013: -6 amazing features Facebook gave marketers, from Zach Greenberger -Roundup of new additions in 2013, from Alyssa DiLoreto 2013 was great, but let’s bring on the 2014 predictions! -What’s on the horizon for Facebook, from Derek Chang -5 predictions for Facebook … Continue reading