Facebook Holds the Future of Mobile Advertising

Regardless of whether you own any Facebook stock, you’ve surely heard about the 60% increase in its stock price from $26 to $42.  What is the reason behind this huge increase?  Facebook makes a huge profit from mobile display advertisers because they provide the perfect way to target people. In April I covered eMarketer’s announcement that Facebook receives a larger … Continue reading

You Wouldn’t Boost a Car; Why Boost a Post?

Last week, I was a conference where the keynote speaker droned on about how we should all be boosting posts. I’d call her a quack for this tip and a few other doozies. But back to boosted posts…   I’d boost posts about as often as I’d boost cars.   Or buy a phone from Boost Mobile– I have Verizon, … Continue reading

Increase Retargeting Success on FBX: Bidding Opportunities

Today’s post is by Dana Kaplan, Lead Data Wrangler at Triggit. When building out an effective retargeting campaign, choosing the right ad exchange and inventory is often a very important (and rarely discussed) factor in meeting your ROI goals. In addition to finding your intent-laden users out in the internet wilderness (Hint: FBX!), making sure your message is relevant (Hint: … Continue reading

Facebook Contests: What Does the Rule Change Mean for You?

Great news, everyone! Recently, Facebook made public some changes to its historically draconian contest policy. Whereas before, it was against the Terms of Service for brands to host contests or promotions on their Timelines that involved user action on Facebook to enter, Facebook now is allowing brands to run contests on Timelines with only a few strings attached. Let’s see … Continue reading

How FBX added 134% incremental revenue to a GDN retargeting campaign

Today’s post is by Brad Flora, CEO of Perfect Audience. Retargeting has worked well for 99designs. The online marketplace for graphic design has used the Google Display Network for years to bring back visitors who left without signing up and launching a campaign. The campaigns were carefully optimized, regularly updated, and generated a good profit for the company. But 99designs Marketing Manager JoAnne Hart … Continue reading

Five Things Facebook Needs to Learn From Google AdWords

The amount of changes that Facebook advertising has undergone in the year 2013 is pretty staggering.  New features are being released so frequently that it sometimes feels like we’re in the middle of a movie montage about Facebook training for a big showdown.  They’re getting better all the time. If we really are mid-montage, there are still a few things … Continue reading

Facebook Announces New Version of Unpublished Link Posts

Unpublished link posts are about to get a whole lot better! Facebook recently announced an upcoming change to unpublished link posts that is set to take effect early in September. Larger images are known to drive more engagement, which is why unpublished photo posts have been the ad unit of choice for some time now. I mean really, what could possibly … Continue reading

6 Smart Ways to Use Custom Audiences

custom audience create

Today’s post is by Dan Morris, Sr. Product Manager at Marin Software. Several months ago, Facebook recognized an opportunity to provide advertisers with more efficient ways to reach and measure advertising ROI from target customers and introduced the Custom Audiences targeting option, which, according to Sheryl Sandberg, allows advertisers to “enhance their ad targeting by marrying their data with ours”. Said … Continue reading