Good advertisers do not Boost Posts!

Many of us work with social community managers, right? And whether or not they have any Facebook advertising savvy, they all see that “Boost post” option enough to think about trying it. I think boosting posts is stupid. Here’s why: it’s a cheap way to get people to advertise without going into the ads manager and having them do all … Continue reading

Custom Audiences updates: share between accounts!

custom audience targeting

Today’s post is by Zach Greenberger, CEO of adMixt. Facebook released changes this week to their popular targeting feature, Custom Audiences (described in detail here). These changes work to improve the usability of the feature and make it easier for advertisers to manage their custom data. Previously, Custom Audiences existed in a single ads account. For advertisers with multiple accounts (one for … Continue reading

Learn more about your targets with Custom Audiences

custom audience refine

People generally use Custom Audiences for retargeting; you upload the list into Facebook and use appropriate ad text for the users targeted, and bam: results. Besides retargeting, you can also use your Custom Audience list to build new targets. Let’s say your Custom Audience is a list of existing brand customers; you have their emails from when they made a purchase, … Continue reading

Hashtags Have Arrived on Facebook – Are You Prepared?

facebook hashtag

Hashtags have finally arrived on Facebook. The big question on all of our minds is how Facebook plans to monetize this new feature. After announcing the imminent upheaval of a number of their existing ad products, it is difficult to imagine them bringing a brand new ad product to their lineup. As of now, you can engage with these hashtags in … Continue reading

Unpublished Page Post Ads – A Path to Riches?

Facebook reach

Facebook’s Unpublished Page Post Ads have proven to be an effective way to promote your products and services to non-fans in the Facebook news feed. For some advertisers who have struggled in the past to get results from paid search (SEM), Facebook’s deep targeting can be a light at the end of the tunnel, turning Facebook into much more than … Continue reading

Facebook targeting matters – here’s why

Today’s post is by Molly McCarty, Account Associate at PPC Associates. Social media platforms (Facebook specifically) allow advertisers to hit incredibly detailed niches of the population. Say you want to target parents who have a child between the ages of 0 and 3 years old or are in the market for a mini-van and live in Los Angeles. We can do … Continue reading

5 Great Reasons to Do Facebook PPC

about you Facebook

No other online channel offers the granularity and demographic targeting that Facebook does. Whether you are just starting or have been placing ads on Facebook, these top reasons to get into Facebook PPC may spur ideas for new strategies. Great branding opportunities If you think about the number of branding tactics in the advertising world from billboards to TV to … Continue reading

Beginner’s guide to Facebook app ads

Today’s post is by Ryan Pitylak, CEO of Unique Influence. Recently I wrote about the immediate opportunity for savvy mobile app advertisers to generate serious ROI by advertising on Facebook. By following these steps, you’ll be able to replicate the success we have for our mobile app clients. Get set up on Facebook: – Integrate the Facebook SDK into your app. – Get … Continue reading