Dig Deeper With Facebook Demographic Targeting


Facebook has powerful targeting options. While many people pigeon-hole Facebook Advertising as a tool to promote your posts or buy “likes”, Facebook has quietly been adding more and more options to their targeting. And I’m talking about more than just interests. However, Facebook has not been doing a great job of publicizing their targeting capabilities. You could say they’re in … Continue reading

Saved target audiences save you time

You used to need Power Editor to create and use a saved target audience. But now you can use them when boosting posts straight from your timeline – super convenient. And you can create saved audiences in any of the other three ad interfaces: timeline, Ads Manager, mobile Ads Manager, and Power Editor. A saved target audience lets you bucket a number … Continue reading

5 Awesome Social Networking Apps You Should Explore


As a brand/business, you need to build relationships on social media. Networking improves customer relationships and engagement and ultimately leads to a better conversion. Promoting your brand on leading sites like Twitter and Instagram is a great way to attract more clients. In that regards, getting more likes and followers becomes vital to boost your brand reputation. Foxfans is a … Continue reading

Facebook video posts – how and why to get started


Are you using video ads on Facebook? If the answer is no, take a look at these important facts: The number of videos Facebook users posted in the last year has increased 94% in the US and 75% globally. The number of videos in a user’s News Feed has gone up 3.6 times in the last year. So there are a lot of … Continue reading

Why some Facebook ad pros should be worried

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You probably have seen Facebook Go or related programs where Facebook will set up ad campaigns directly for clients. They’ll consult on strategy, explain how certain features work, build ads with you, and suggest optimizations. But wait… If Facebook is building the ads, then what about you as an agency, consultant, or in-house marketer? Certainly there’s no better credibility in having Facebook … Continue reading

Quick case study: should you use relevance score for Facebook optimizations?


Relevance Score has been a common topic for Facebook advertisers and paid search blogs over the last month. What relevance score is has already been covered; Kendra Pennington already put a great post up about relevance score on this very blog. What I wanted to know was: does Facebook know what they’re doing? Do my relevance scores match up with … Continue reading

Back to Basics – Tailor Facebook Ads to Your Audience


As marketers, it can be easy to get bogged down with the “what” of advertising. What are we selling? What do we want to convey? What goals do we want to accomplish? It is all too easy to forget who you’re trying to reach. Let’s go back to basics and look at how to better understand our audiences on Facebook. … Continue reading

How to optimize your top 3 lookalike audiences


Finding the right custom audience to create a lookalike audience off of can be the difference between meeting and missing your CPA goals. One of the first tests I recommend running, when starting a new account, is an A/B test using different lookalike audiences. Assuming you have quite a few customers, I recommend the following lookalike audiences: 1. All of … Continue reading