Create Better Facebook Ads With Page Insights


Are you the admin of a Facebook Page? If it’s kept active and has a following, there’s a wealth of potential insight about your audience at your fingertips. You can even use this data to guide experiments and improve your Facebook Ads! This post will walk you through some examples of how you can use Page Insights data to create … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising Holiday Wishlist 2013

Zuckerberg Santa

It seems a bit greedy to ask the folks at Facebook for a holiday wish list in 2013. They’ve already given us the News Feed, all sorts of options for image ads, Custom Audience and Lookalike targeting, unpublished posts…as front-end developments go, it’s been a bounty of riches for Facebook marketers. Oh, but that back end. Forgive us, Zuck and … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising in 2014: What’s on the Horizon?


2013 has been great for Facebook. This past year, the social network introduced its powerful Graph Search capability as well as a redesigned News Feed, greatly simplified its ad offerings, and made huge inroads into mobile advertising. Facebook also acquired Instagram, which in turn rolled out Sponsored Photos and Videos, which should pay great dividends in the future. As we … Continue reading

Use Facebook Day-Parting to Advertise at the Time of Need


Advertising to a potential customer at the right place and at the right time is every marketer’s dream. That person will see your brand and hopefully convert because you appeared right when they needed you, whether they knew they had a need or not. This type of advertising is possible on Facebook and may provide better results than running a … Continue reading

5 (shaky) reasons for B2B Marketers to avoid Facebook

So you’re a B2B marketer, and maybe you’re wondering whether Facebook advertising can work for you. Maybe you haven’t checked in on the platform much lately and wonder and why stock prices have shot up over the last six months. Maybe you’ve heard that Facebook advertising absolutely doesn’t work for B2B. Well, let me tell when that statement might be true: 1) … Continue reading

Advertising Mistakes to Avoid During the Holiday Rush


The holiday retail season has kicked into full swing. And the only thing scarier than your daughter dressing up as Snookie or the prospects of another tumultuous Thanksgiving with the in-laws is the number of ways you can wastefully burn through your media budget if you’re not careful. Let’s take a look at five: 1) Retargeting an Existing Customer At … Continue reading

Your Fans Aren’t Seeing Your Posts & Facebook Knows It


In a surprisingly candid moment, Facebook admitted that posts are not getting the organic distribution they once were. The document, titled “Generating Business Results on Facebook”, discusses the issue and offers a solution to businesses marketing on Facebook – paid distribution! What the Document Says Let’s dissect the document and what it means for businesses on Facebook: “Brands have always … Continue reading

How to win Cyber Monday on Facebook – for any type of campaign

With Cyber Monday a few days behind us, we can look back at the start of the holiday season and evaluate how different marketing strategies performed. Many articles highlight one campaign that did exceptionally well. To offer a different perspective, we’re going to look at how all of our campaigns performed over the last two weeks. Our company, adMixt, a … Continue reading