Create a Compelling Unpublished Page Post

An unpublished page post, also known as a dark post, is a page post that is used as an ad and targeted to certain audience groups. These ads can be extremely effective because they can be placed in the Newsfeed and appear to look like regular posts (except for the fact that the user has not necessarily liked the page). … Continue reading

Pack Facebook Advertising With Your Email List For a Bigger Punch

Your email list, if well maintained, is one of the most valuable resources for your marketing efforts.  The people on the list have signed up because they like your business, like what you sell, have decided to tell you how much they like it and want to buy it by being sent free advertising directly.  Pretty great situation, but did … Continue reading

Reminder: Facebook’s reformatted ad units are live

PSA for Facebook marketers…remember that announcement last month about the reformatted ad units? They’re here! Review the new ads and recommended specs, and optimize away: Facebook_Recommended_Creative_1-sheet_AsOfSept.10[3]

The Shortcut You Shouldn’t Use for High CTR on Facebook

See this ad from Intuit? The button is what drives the CTR, but is against the Facebook Ads TOS. Same is true with fake play buttons, scroll bars, and other non-functioning buttons. Odds are that this ad will get disapproved eventually. Too many denials and you get a warning, then you’re banned. Not worth it, my friends. Facebook has what’s … Continue reading

Facebook Sanity Check

Worried about your campaign performance on Facebook? Has your campaign become stale?  When was the last time you thought about any of the following? What about all of the following working together to impact your overall campaign? The truth is, marketers rarely take the time to think about their campaigns from a strategic perspective, so bust out of your day-to-day … Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Facebook Ad Simplification

Earlier this year, Facebook announced an initiative to simplify the number and complexity of its advertising products.  The social network has already made some of these changes by ending support for Sponsored Results, Online Offers and Question ads.  Well, it’s that time again!  Facebook will be making some additional changes soon and this article will provide an overview so you … Continue reading

Facebook Holds the Future of Mobile Advertising

Regardless of whether you own any Facebook stock, you’ve surely heard about the 60% increase in its stock price from $26 to $42.  What is the reason behind this huge increase?  Facebook makes a huge profit from mobile display advertisers because they provide the perfect way to target people. In April I covered eMarketer’s announcement that Facebook receives a larger … Continue reading

You Wouldn’t Boost a Car; Why Boost a Post?

Last week, I was a conference where the keynote speaker droned on about how we should all be boosting posts. I’d call her a quack for this tip and a few other doozies. But back to boosted posts…   I’d boost posts about as often as I’d boost cars.   Or buy a phone from Boost Mobile– I have Verizon, … Continue reading