Get the Facts: Facebook’s Success with Retargeting

Retargeting is no longer a new concept. The practice of serving display ads to users based on their online behavior has been on the rise for a while, and there are signs that it’s now entrenched. The real-time bidding (RTB) sector in the U.S., where the ads are purchased, is showing huge momentum for the second year in a row, … Continue reading

Page Post Photo Ads VS Page Post Link Ads: A Showdown

I think it’s been hammered into every Facebook advertiser’s mind at this point, but unpublished page posts are the way to go when you want to drive high engagement and offsite conversions. Where do you want to be? The News Feed! How are you going to get there? Unpublished page posts! The debate, now, is which type of post is … Continue reading

The Holidays Are Coming: Best Practices for Product Advertising on Facebook

It’s that time of year again.  The holiday retail season will soon be in full swing.  Search advertisers have grown accustomed to the Q4 retail advertising push and are already ramping up their SEM and Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns.  But for the Facebook marketer, effectively running product-level advertising can be a significant challenge. Unlike Search, in which keywords and, … Continue reading

Start planning for Facebook Trending Topics

In a short period of time, Facebook has tested autoplay video ads and introduced hashtags, embedded posts, and now a trending topics section in an attempt to become the preferred social network for real-time updates.   Similar to Twitter’s “Trends” section, Facebook’s “Trending” section presents popular topics being discussed throughout the site. Though still in early stages of development, Facebook’s … Continue reading

Optimize News Feed Retargeting for the Holidays

Today’s post is by Jonathan Lau, Content and Marketing Manager at AdRoll. Though the outdoor barbeque/pool party/shorts season ended a few weeks ago and the back-to-school rush seems like just yesterday, many advertisers have already solidified their holiday marketing plans and have begun rolling out their initiatives. According to the National Retail Federation, 6 out of 10 retailers start holiday promotions … Continue reading

Why News Feed Contests Are Worthless (By Themselves)

Facebook recently announced a change in their news feed algorithm. One of the biggest parts of this change is the filtering of “high quality” versus “low quality” content. Without being too explicit, Facebook has strongly suggested that “low quality” content consists of asking for comments, Likes, and shares. Also, if you remember back to a couple weeks ago, Facebook has … Continue reading

Multi-URL Campaign Parameters Tool for Facebook Advertising


When running Facebook ads, it’s important to measure their impact beyond simple clicks. Although Facebook has introduced a conversion tracking pixel that can give you some insight into what visitors from Facebook ads do, Google Analytics offers much more robust tracking, including multi-channel reporting & multi-touch reporting, visitor site visit history, and more. Although you can simply check out the … Continue reading

Facebook’s Social TV Partnership Calls For Cross-Channel Marketing

Recently, Facebook introduced features such as hashtags, verified accounts, and trending topics in order for more relevant conversations to surface and increase engagement. In its latest push to increase user participation, Facebook is venturing into the social television space. According to Variety, Facebook is teaming up with ABC’s Dancing With The Stars to feature real-time conversations that people on Facebook … Continue reading