6 Takeaways from Facebook’s News Feed Update

When I post on Facebook, what actually happens? Do all my fans see it? Do I need a certain amount of engagement first? I mean – there have be some rules to this thing, right? Well, in the past, these questions have been governed by what was known as Facebook’s EdgeRank. This is just a big fancy word for the … Continue reading

The updated News Feed – and why it matters for advertisers

posts in the newsfeed

It’s been said on the FBPPC blog numerous times, but let me say it again: the Facebook News Feed is arguably the most popular page on the internet. Face it, the News Feed is where you want to be! Constantly striving to improve their product, Facebook has once again made a fundamental change to the algorithm that will more than … Continue reading

Multi-Touch Attribution Shows True Value of Facebook Ads

The great retailer John Wanamaker is famous for having pioneered modern advertising and is frequently attributed with saying “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Mr. Wanamaker would probably not be surprised to learn that close to 100 years after his death, advertising measurement and attribution remains a significant … Continue reading

Why Wall Street loves Facebook again

Amidst Facebook’s earnings call last week, Facebook shares jumped 20% and the stock is currently (as of 8/2/13 at 11:07 AM ET) priced at $38.04. Remember when people were ready to dismiss Facebook like it was one of the biggest flops of all time? Well, what happened? 1) Performance: Facebook is no longer social marketing; it’s performance marketing. With Advertisers such … Continue reading

Embedded posts: breakdown and significance

Facebook embedded post

Since Facebook’s impressive Q2 earnings report last week, the company has have revealed a few more interesting plans, including this week’s announcement of Embedded Posts. So what are Embedded Posts? Here’s what you should know: What’s the difference? How many times have we seen blogs, articles, or other websites post screenshots of a Facebook post to share a special promotion, … Continue reading

A look at the future of Instagram ads

instagram ad

As photos have become more and more popular in the browsing experience, we see several hot social websites, like Pinterest and Instagram, excel in the area of all that is visual. Whispers and rumors have circulated about both working on ad platforms, but Facebook’s acquisition makes Instagram a good bet to incorporate ads into its platform sooner rather than later. … Continue reading

Facebook, the new Direct Marketing frontier

For many marketing managers of many of the nation’s biggest brands, cracking Facebook advertising has seemed a bit daunting. The data available is enormous, the sell-through process difficult, and the ROI often tough to figure. So much of this is mystifying for many because the discipline seems foreign. However, in my experience, following the rules of traditional direct marketing is … Continue reading

Facebook newsfeed ads make people think; here’s proof

Today’s post is by CitizenNet Founder Dan Benyamin. Imagine the following experiment:  Let’s say there is a friend you have lunch with every day at a favorite restaurant. You talk about a pretty broad range of topics, and you are used to your friend recommending things to you: places to go, people to connect with, movies to watch, amongst other … Continue reading