A Deeper Look at News Feed Burnout

Recently, Facebook said that at any point in time there are 1,500 items competing to show up in your News Feed. And according to “Zuckerberg’s Law,” the amount of sharing by people is doubling every year, leading to an overload of content. On one hand, some advertisers are burning out the News Feed with the same old ads. Yet consumers … Continue reading

The 6 Amazing Marketing Features Facebook Gave Us in 2013


With the New Year come and gone, we look back on 2013 as a momentous year for Facebook, and online marketers. Here at adMixt, we focus on performance marketing for e-commerce companies, so throughout 2013, these were the features powering our growth: 1. January: Conversion Measurement It wasn’t until January that Facebook publically released Offsite Conversion Pixels, allowing advertisers to … Continue reading

Facebook’s new CPA bidding technique: there’s a big catch


Facebook continues to go through major changes in the way advertisers can bid on traffic. The introduction of CPA-based bidding marks a true alignment between Facebook and advertising, because at the end of the day, most advertisers don’t want to absorb the risk of CPC or oCPM bidding. The reason CPC and oCPM bidding methods are risky is that the … Continue reading

Learn the Power of Custom Audiences as a Lead Nurturing Tool

Lead nurturing is a process that involves building a relationship with your prospects by showing them consistent brand messages with the intent of getting them further down the sales cycle. For Northcentral University, our lead nurturing goal is to continue engagement with individuals who have inquired about a program at our school, but who haven’t moved further through the admissions … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

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We’re taking a break for New Years! See you all on the 2nd!

Facebook Video Ads – The Next Big Thing in 2014

Facebook Video

As we say goodbye to 2013, it’s time to shift gears and start thinking about how Facebook-post New Year-can help promote your brand. Marketers have some key developments to be particularly excited about in 2014. I personally am very excited for Facebook’s long anticipated launch of auto-play video ads in user’s News Feeds. Starting early 2014, Facebook plans to begin … Continue reading

Don’t Miss Out on These 3 Big Benefits of Custom Audiences


Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting feature has been around for quite some time, but it can often be overlooked and unused. Not using this feature could be a huge loss for your business. Keep reading for a few ideas you can implement right away. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the feature, Facebook allows advertisers to upload a list … Continue reading

3 Steps for Converting Facebook Leads into Repeat Customers

Acquired customers

Facebook is the perfect marketing channel for retail and ecommerce stores looking to generate new leads. According to research from HubSpot, 77% of B2C companies have acquired customers from Facebook: And retailers are the top-performing industry when it comes to driving revenue from the giant social network: The best part of all of this? Facebook is also the perfect channel … Continue reading