Prepare to embrace Facebook video ads

As one of the world’s most visited sites, Facebook continues to think of ways to profit from its popularity. From partnerships with social gaming companies to sponsored ads to paying fees to message celebrities on Facebook, the platform is always looking for ways to monetize traffic while still being able to meet the needs of its users. What’s the next … Continue reading

What Facebook’s New Ad Changes Mean for You

You may have seen the announcement today. But if you’re a pro Facebook advertiser (and if you read FBPPC, you likely are), in short, it won’t affect you. Facebook’s move to simplify the ad buying process is great for small business and those with simple goals. It’s not going to affect big brands and direct marketers, who need and use all the … Continue reading

How To Create An Unpublished Page Post

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you might have noticed a few different posts about Unpublished Page Posts and all of the cool ways you can use them to enhance your Facebook marketing. One thing that I’ve had trouble tracking down, however, is a clear guide on how to actually make these posts. Today, I’m here to solve that … Continue reading

Utilize FBX for Lead Generation

Today’s post is by Melissa Schmidt , Online Advertising Specialist for Veterans United Home Loans. Since the Facebook Exchange was first released, countless e-commerce sites have benefitted from its capabilities. However, one area that is often overlooked with FBX is lead generation. FBX allows companies to pursue potential leads on Facebook with highly relevant creative and unique targeting abilities. Below are a … Continue reading

Even on Facebook, Content is Everything

I’ve grown tired of the “Content is King” phrase that gets thrown around more than meaningless economic buzzwords at a political rally. It should be, by now, a well-known fact that your content is what makes or breaks the presence of your business on the Internet. Reducing it to a buzzword takes away from the actual importance of the content … Continue reading

Are you bidding on your competitors’ likes yet?

Facebook likes are a huge deal. Companies and celebrities alike hoard them, trying to outdo the competition. Bully for those who do a great job of it. And bully for us advertisers who are sneaky/resourceful enough to bid on the likes of our competitors. Competitors have done the hard part (identifying people interested in a product and/or service), and now … Continue reading

The Keys to Success in Social Marketing, Defined

social marketing strategies

At Kenshoo Social, we wanted to better understand the trials and tribulations of major advertisers (those spending $100,000/year or more on social media) to augment what we’ve learned from our own clients. We turned to Forrester Consulting and commissioned a study to shine some light on what drives success and failure in social media marketing. In this month’s post, I’m … Continue reading

Agile Management: Dealing with a Successful Campaign

agile marketing management

Working on digital ad campaigns on a regular basis, I am familiar with building safety nets and processes to reassure clients that – should a strategy fail – this, that, and the other solution will be quickly applied to turn the trend back toward an uptick. But, these things almost never happen. Digital advertising is very quantifiable and for most … Continue reading