Social News Roundup September 26, 2014


There’s been a lot of important news this week surrounding all things social advertising. Rumblings about Atlas are the biggest social news this week. Just in case you missed it: Facebook’s launch of the platform to compete with Google is likely to come very soon. In other Facebook news: use of the dedicated messenger app is on the rise and people buying … Continue reading

Facebook Updates You Need to Know


Nothing on Facebook stays the same very long. Every Facebook advertiser knows that the ad platform is constantly changing. There was just recently a wave of new changes that affects several aspects of the ad creation/management process. Read on for the top three updates for September. Power Editor updates Each Facebook advertiser has a different preference on whether to create … Continue reading

A (good) picture is worth 1000 clicks

original vs optimized

With the recent style change that gives consistency to the look of app and desktop ads, it’s more important than ever that ads stand out to quickly represent what they are for. The grabbing headline, clear call to action, and quick pitch ad text summary as important as ever before, but the user has to stop at your ad first … Continue reading

Open the Floodgates! FBPPC is Now All About Social

3Q Digital is excited to announce that we’re broadening the scope of the blog here at As of today, we’ll be running posts about all types of social advertising. If you’re running – or planning – campaigns on Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, or any other social platform, we want to hear about it! Drop us a line at … Continue reading

What the Resurgence of Surge tells us about Facebook’s Influence


Can you feel your heart palpitating? That’s right, Surge is back thanks to fans on social media. Some backstory for those of you who have not felt the blessing of the citrus soda juggernaut: Surge was a heavily caffeinated soda of middling popularity that Coca-Cola introduced in 1997 and killed off in 2003 due to dwindling sales. It was a … Continue reading

The Key to Advanced Facebook Ad A/B Testing


When it comes to effectively managing Facebook ad campaigns, you must run A/B tests. An A/B test allows you to run two (or more) ads simultaneously to the same audience in real time to determine which one produces the best results. You can elect to test two very different ads against each other, or two ads that have just one … Continue reading

Facebook advertising experts will meet the same fate as SEOs

2014-09-10 01_21_59-Facebook talked ice buckets twice as much as Ferguson

My colleague, Dennis Yu, wrote this post, which inflamed SEO old-timers.  In a nutshell, he said that social marketing, content marketing, PR, inbound marketing, and SEO were essentially the same thing, if done properly.  After all, you’re producing great content and you want to get it distributed. I’m here to say that if you’re doing Facebook advertising, you need to adapt … Continue reading

Facebook’s Click-Bait Crackdown: It’s About Time


In August, Facebook announced via a blog post that it would be making changes to users’ News Feeds, specifically looking at “click bait” articles. We’ve all seen them: “This child only ordered a coffee, but you’ll never believe what happened next,” along with a non-descript photo. Articles like these are seemingly all over the web – they deliver high traffic, … Continue reading