What Makes a Quality Facebook Ad, Anyway?


If you’re looking for inspiration for your next Facebook Campaign, look no further! We’ve asked our experts to weigh in on effective Facebook ad copy and strategy. First, it’s a good idea to look at what not to do: This intentionally vague copy could apply to anything for sale at eBay. There’s really no reason for anyone to click on the ad. -Sam Mazaheri, … Continue reading

How to Seamlessly Combine Campaigns Across Platforms


How many social platforms have you advertised on? Advertisers have broken ground on nearly every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and soon Snapchat. While more ad-friendly social networks offer us a chance to reach larger and more diverse user-bases, we have to remember that with greater platform choice, comes greater responsibility. While your overall messaging should remain … Continue reading

6 Things To Help You Decide Between FBX and Native FB Retargeting


There are many reasons to do remarketing. We get to create ads personalized for visitors, who are already familiar with our brand and our website; Because it’s a cookie placed on their browser, even business-to-business accounts can benefit from remarketing on Facebook. The real question is how do you decide between native Facebook remarketing and FBX platforms. Native remarketing is … Continue reading

New Updated Facebook Account Structure


Have you seen the new ad campaign structure on any of your Facebook campaigns?  Back in March, Facebook made major changes to its campaign structure. Today, Facebook announced that audiences, bidding, and placement will be housed within the ad set level. Previously, these were found within the ad level. The purpose of this change is to ensure advertisers are using best practices. … Continue reading

A Facebook Ad’s Role in Inbound Marketing


After this year’s INBOUND conference, I really started thinking about where Facebook advertising could fit into the inbound marketing picture. On one hand, Facebook ads are generally used to push users into your funnel, whereas most inbound marketing tactics are focused on drawing people into your website by offering valuable content first. There are a number of synergies that can … Continue reading

Will Ello’s Stance on Social Advertising Hold Up?

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 3.01.15 PM

Ello, the fledgling social network, is priding itself around one primary thing: it’s completely ad-free. Social advertising is so taboo to the network, they make frequent reference to their distaste throughout the site. Going to ello.co right now brings you to a page saying the site is beta-only. Scroll down below the fold, and you see this: Ad-free is mentioned almost … Continue reading

How to Reel in Mobile Viewers With Facebook Video Ads


Online video, once primarily consumed on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, is quickly becoming one of the most engaging types of content on Facebook. From May through July of this year, there has been a 50% increase in video views on Facebook, which makes perfect sense considering they now serve up over 1 billion video views each day. This comes … Continue reading

Facebook Local Awareness Ads – All About Location


Facebook has recently announced the coming addition of Local Awareness Ads. This new ad unit, to be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks, will allow SMBs to target ads to specific locations around their business. The first question that crossed my mind was – How is this different from using the location features in Facebook’s existing ad … Continue reading