Navigating Facebook’s Updated Mobile App Ad Units


To help advertisers better connect with their 654 million mobile monthly active users, Facebook recently rolled out updates to their mobile ad units. While the changes are subtle, understanding these nuances can make all the difference for advertisers looking to drive more efficient app installs and engagement. What’s changed? Most notably, mobile app ads now carry social context (e.g. Elise … Continue reading

4 Ways Facebook Ads Can Enhance Your Sales Process


Anyone involved in sales knows that the landscape has always been a dynamic space, and advances in technology have made staying at the top of your game even more challenging. We are participating in a time where making the sale oftentimes requires a digital strategy – fortunately, Facebook ads give sales teams of any size an opportunity to incorporate a … Continue reading

How to dial up spend and scale on a Mobile burst campaign


It’s no secret that Facebook is a breeding ground for inexpensive – and, in many cases, retainable – mobile app users. However, scaling on Facebook can be a challenge for a mobile app campaign, particularly if you need to do it quickly. A burst campaign on Facebook must be a well-orchestrated symphony of many moving parts. 1. Spend: So often … Continue reading

Troubleshooting Facebook pixel tracking on a WordPress site


When I ran our first Facebook lead gen campaign, we had some problems with pixel tracking. If you’re getting a notification from Facebook similar to the one above, you’ll need to troubleshoot. Here’s how the process went for me. The first thing I did was turn to one of our experts. One of our social account managers, Alicia, recommended the … Continue reading

5 Great Ways to Use Website Custom Audiences


For our clients, we find that the most effective thing we can do with Facebook’s Website Custom Audiences feature is build better relationships with people who are likely to be good customers. Identifying these users is simple: We target based on certain behaviors that indicate an existing interest in our clients’ brands. Try one of our five favorite Website Custom … Continue reading

Defining Your Customer Acquisition Funnel


I’ve written in the past about how you have to know your customers and, on this site, how to define personas for Facebook PPC success. That is the first step to any successful PPC effort. However, what do you do once you know who you’re after? The Customer Acquisition Funnel To understand the funnel you need to put yourself in … Continue reading

How-To: Run a Facebook Lead-Gen Campaign


So it’s time to move beyond the simple ‘page likes’ campaign and get some traffic pointed to your lead form. How do you do it? The process (assuming you’re comfortable with the Facebook Advertising environment) is quite simple, and I’ll break it down for you. In Ads Manager, you’ll want to navigate first to “Conversion Tracking.” Here you’ll find the … Continue reading

How To: Get Started With Custom Audiences


I have had several new-to-Facebook-advertising people approach me and ask, “What is the safest way to start advertising on Facebook?” While safe is an impossible feat, Custom Audiences are great for anyone starting out with Facebook and unsure of the different targeting options. The Basics Custom Audiences can be first created within the Audience tab of the Power Editor.  Custom … Continue reading