Instagram for Business: You’re Doing it Wrong

With everyone freaking out about the decline in organic Facebook reach, there have been a lot of questions about where companies should focus their social media marketing efforts.

At Blueye, we’re focused on figuring out which platforms are most effective for hitting your target market; if your demographic skews younger, then we definitely recommend ramping up your Instagram efforts to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive sales of your product.

All right, so you create an Instagram profile. Now what?


The most common mistake I see businesses make on Instagram is to post incessant stock photos or low-quality pictures. You’re actually hurting your brand by doing this. People HATE being obviously marketed at.

When advertising began, marketers had the challenge of conveying utilitarian uses of their products. Information was key. As we’ve evolved into more sophisticated marketing, an emphasis on the hedonistic qualities of products became more important. How can this product bring more joy and pleasure into the user’s life? How does this product seamlessly fit into the target market’s lives and actually improve the quality of life?

Show your fans the full story of your brand. Give your brand a personality and allow your fans to have a full 360-degree view of your brand. How do you tackle this?

Create a rockstar Instagram account that people enjoy seeing pop up in their feeds!

Before you start posting, check out these Instagram photography tips to ensure you’re sending out the best possible content for your brand.

Here are a few post ideas that you can utilize to keep your Instagram account fresh and interesting:

-Product posts. No, not stock imagery. Styled imagery of your products to show fans ease of use.

-Behind-the-scenes imagery. Who are the faces behind your brand? Always share exciting behind-the-scenes snaps of what the team is up to.

-Tap into fun and well-known holidays to insert your brand into relevant conversations.

Branded quotes and tips. Everyone loves a good #QOTD (quote of the day), so aligning your brand’s personality with famous words or useful tips is a great way to tap into the aspirational feelings floating around on Instagram.

After posting your amazing original content, you’ll need to make sure you are actively seeking out your next potential customer by engaging with other users on Instagram. Engage with other industry leaders and track industry-related hashtags and talk to the people who would be most interested in the brand!

You’re now en route to building a loyal base of consumers!

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71 video views but 1428 likes?

Screenshot 2015-03-07 01.46.55

Impressions, ad spend, and interactions come in at different intervals.
That’s why you can have CTR higher than 100% at times, as you’ve seen.
Or sometimes an absurdly high CPM, such as $20 to serve 50 impressions.

But in the case of this video, which comes a few minutes after the Golden State Warriors win at home over the Dallas Mavericks, it’s views versus impressions.
Organic or paid, not all videos are auto-play.

So it may well be possible that this video had a couple thousand impressions in the first 4 minutes.
Then nearly 300 people liked it in that time period, many who didn’t even watch the video.

For those Facebook marketers that prize engagement over impressions or fan base size, consider that many people click like in support, but don’t actually read posts.
This is especially true for longer videos and links that take them away from Facebook.

In a recent internal analysis, we found that average watch times on Facebook were double YouTube’s, for the same videos we were promoting.
Yet the CPCs are often higher on Facebook, meaning that you have a trade-off in quality versus quantity.

For those calculating the ROI of Facebook, consider that you have to add value in the impression, engagement, and conversion buckets for any post.
We call this the AEC funnel– for audience, engagement, and conversion.

Funnel Graphic2 V3

In the case of this particular video celebrating a Warriors win, we might not be driving much in immediate ticket sales, but we are driving branding and engagement.

In the longer run, which isn’t that long when you consider how close the playoffs are, we get more buzz, site traffic and conversions.
Expect to see more lift testing tools from Facebook in the next couple months to help you quantify this.

Meanwhile, you can calculate earned media value, email sign-ups, and holdback audience lift.
And I predict this will lead us reasonably close to measuring the real value of a fan by the end of the year.

How are you measuring the three parts of the funnel?

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Dead Page Likes, Begone – Courtesy of Facebook


Do you manage a Facebook Page? If so, you are probably going to see your Page likes start to drop in the near future. Facebook is purging Pages of likes that come from memorialized or deactivated accounts. This means that if someone was actively using their Facebook account and liked your Page, and has since deactivated their account, they will no longer be counted towards your Page likes.

Initially, Page Owners may be upset by this change. After all, some people do judge social success based on the number of likes your Page has (this is not what I recommend, but it is what some people do). In reality, though, this is a great move! Everyone should be taking advantage of Facebook’s Audience Insights. This allows us to look at the composition of those who have liked our Page.

When a Page has inactive and memorialized accounts, the data shown in Audience Insights is less likely to be accurate. A Page manager should make decisions based on who is engaging with their content, not who has liked their Page. By ridding your Page of memorialized accounts, Facebook is making it even easier to do that.

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Dig Deeper With Facebook Demographic Targeting

Facebook has powerful targeting options. While many people pigeon-hole Facebook Advertising as a tool to promote your posts or buy “likes”, Facebook has quietly been adding more and more options to their targeting. And I’m talking about more than just interests.

However, Facebook has not been doing a great job of publicizing their targeting capabilities. You could say they’re in between a rock and a hard place. Promote it too much, and the privacy advocates will cry foul and whip up the masses to rebel. Don’t promote it enough, and leave money on the table as advertisers spend their budgets on AdWords (and BingAds, if they’re smart.)

Let’s go on a journey into the deep, dark underbelly of Facebook demographic targeting to see what treasures can be found. (These screenshots show features in Power Editor, which is only available in the Chrome browser.)

Standard Demographics

Here is the obvious stuff: Location, Age, Gender.


More Demographics

And here is where the fun begins. Click the drop-down menu for “More Demographics,” and behold the treasure trove of advanced targeting.


That’s right, you can target people by how much money they make, what level of education they have, life events (e.g. Newlywed, Anniversary within 30 days, New job, etc.), and much, much more. To illustrate how deep you can go, let’s take a peek at the “Work” targeting options.


The screenshot shows that I selected all four options: Employers, Job Titles, Industries, and Office Type. I expanded the Industries section to show you that there is a whole list of available industries. I selected Retail, which Facebook tells me contains 8.6 million people. Look at the list of Industries you have to pick from:

-Architecture and Engineering
-Arts, entertainment, sports and media
-Business and financial operations
-Cleaning and maintenance
-Community and social services
-Computer and mathematics
-Construction and extraction
-Education and library
-Food preparation and services
-Government Employees
-Healthcare and medical
-IT and technical
-Installation and repair
-Personal Care
-Temporary and seasonal
-Transportation and Moving
-Veterans (US)

Potential Applications

Say you’re a recruiter. You could use Facebook demographic targeting to cherry-pick people from a target company, with the appropriate college education and the desired job title.

Say you’re a bank providing VA loans. You can target homeowners for refinancing and renters for loans, with the Veterans (US) industry selected to ensure you’re getting military members.


If you’re not using Facebook Advertising, or you’re using it but not to its fullest, then I recommend taking a long, hard look at the More Demographics area. There are gold nuggets all over the place that will allow you to target your perfect customer. Get to it!

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Saved target audiences save you time

You used to need Power Editor to create and use a saved target audience. But now you can use them when boosting posts straight from your timeline – super convenient.

And you can create saved audiences in any of the other three ad interfaces: timeline, Ads Manager, mobile Ads Manager, and Power Editor.


A saved target audience lets you bucket a number of interests or targets together.
My favorite use for saved target audiences is to make one with a bunch of workplace targets (for influence-the-influencer targets) and one with job title targets (for B2B lead gen). Sometimes I’ll create a saved target audience of related interests of customers – like a home-grown lookalike audience. For example, if I find that fans of Billy Graham convert well for my Christian e-book, I’d create a saved target audience with Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and so forth.

Use the similar pages trick to quickly build a list of these pages to target, putting them into a saved target audience. When you have your saved target audiences in place, you won’t have to manually add in interests over and over when creating ad sets.

Saved audiences complement the two other types of audiences you can make: custom audiences (your website visitors and email list mainly) and lookalike audiences (Facebook generates these).

With all three audiences properly in place, you can boost posts right from the timeline and using the new mobile iOS Ads Manager app.


Note that you cannot use saved audiences right now in Ads Manager. You have to boost from the timeline or use Power Editor for this.

Hope that saved you some time – and more importantly, gave you some killer ROI! What are your favorite combos for saved target audiences?

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5 Awesome Social Networking Apps You Should Explore

As a brand/business, you need to build relationships on social media. Networking improves customer relationships and engagement and ultimately leads to a better conversion. Promoting your brand on leading sites like Twitter and Instagram is a great way to attract more clients. In that regards, getting more likes and followers becomes vital to boost your brand reputation. Foxfans is a great source to get thousands of Instagram followers and likes at inexpensive prices. This means, you can skip the process of waiting for months and years to increase your followers count, and instead get them in less than a couple of days.

Read on, and discover the top 5 must-have social networking apps to help build strong relationships on social media.


#1: Monitor your target audience activities on Twitter

SocialBro is one of the best marketing platforms for Twitter. It gives detailed insights of your target audiences (those within and outside of your contact list), tells you the best time to tweet, helps analyze your competitor activities, tracks your interactions, identifies Twitter influencers, helps you browse within communities, and much more. It’s a great tool to determine which competitor your target audiences are following, what tweets they respond to, and so on.


Pricing: SocialBro is free, but you might consider upgrading to their paid package (monthly or annual) to enjoy maximum benefits.

#2: Identify emerging content even before it goes viral; stay away from bad news

TrendSpottr is a magical content marketing tool that identifies emerging content even before it goes viral on social media. Set alerts for hashtags, keywords, or any niche topic and get timely updates. What’s more, you can also search for potential keywords and long-tail phrases that are most popularly searched by your target audience. If you use your resources well, you won’t have much trouble in outflanking your competitors.

TrendSpottr also has a crisis management tool that updates you on any negative media news that spills out on the Internet from your industry. That is a great way to keep your brand away from bad news.

Above all, TrendSpottr can be used with Salesforce and Hootsuite, so you can enjoy maximum benefits.


Pricing: TrendSpottr service can be availed at affordable pricing. The exact package details are given on their website.


#3: Identify new prospects

NeedTagger uses advanced filters to pull out the most powerful keywords that your target audiences are looking for on Twitter. It tells you what kind of services, products, content , and information they are looking for pertaining to your brand. It’s a great way to optimize your Twitter marketing campaign to attract more customers to your brand.

You can customize and start using it for your business via their API or by using their custom-made app called StreamBuilder. The latter is a great choice if you want to skip the painstaking process of installing an API. SteamBuilder can alert you when a customer makes a search for your product/service or complains about your competitors.


Pricing: You can take advantage ofNeedTagger’s 30-day free trial. If you are satisfied, then consider upgrading for their premium services. The pricing depends on the number of Tweets you prefer to cover.


#4: Identify the top influencers and the most viral content on social media

Zuum is a powerful analytics and reporting tool that lets you know what works on social media. Get to know which is the most influential brand in your industry and what them the best, see the most engaging, conversational, and viral content on social media sites, and get to know a lot of other stuff that can help boost your brand’s presence on the virtual world of social media.


Pricing: Zuum offers both free and paid versions. A free demo account is good to identify the top influencers and the most viral content on social media, whereas the paid version, which starts at $250 per month, lets you enjoy a range of other features.


#5: Respond to reviews instantly and boost your brand reputation 

Online reviews can make or break the reputation of any brand or business. A single negative review can divert your prospects to one of your competitors’ websites, whereas a rave of positive reviews can convert any prospect into a loyal customer. If you want to take control of your online reviews, look no further than Reputology. This app lets you know what your target audiences are saying about your competitors, track your performance using analytics, monitor reviews at multiple locations, respond quickly, and identify key areas of improvement.


Pricing: You can either try a limited free trial or a paid trial, which starts at $25/month for a single location.


Each app serves a different purpose and can be highly beneficial to boost your social media marketing campaign in a number of ways. These apps help you to identify what your target audience likes and how you can identify what’s keeping them engaged on social media. You get a dive into your competitor’s marketing strategy as well.

So, which of these apps do you think is best for your social media marketing campaign? Which one are you going to give a try today? Do let us know.

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Facebook video posts – how and why to get started


Are you using video ads on Facebook? If the answer is no, take a look at these important facts:

The number of videos Facebook users posted in the last year has increased 94% in the US and 75% globally. The number of videos in a user’s News Feed has gone up 3.6 times in the last year.

So there are a lot of videos, but are people watching them? Yes! There have been more than a billion video views since June 2014.

Everyone keeps talking about mobile, right? Are videos good on mobile? A whopping 65% of video views are on mobile.

At least half of all Facebook users who visit every day watch a video at least once a day. Premium video ads are designed to play automatically as members scroll through the News Feed.

All of these signs point to the importance of posting marketing messages through videos to increase brand awareness and overall engagement with products.

Are you on board yet? Good.

Recommended video specs:

-File size: up to 1 GB
-Format: .MOV files
-Resolution: at least 720p
-Aspect ratio: 16:9
-10-15 second length.

Keep in mind:

-Don’t rely on sound. Video ads won’t have sound by default, so the purpose or success of your video can’t rely on audio.

– Sell an experience or an adventure vs. just the product. People see products every day; they connect with an experience.

image001 image003

Use a Call to Action

Just like every other advertising campaign on Facebook, you should always use a call to action button like:

-Shop Now
-Learn More
-Sign Up
-Book Now
-Watch More

Using a CTA button requires a user to take next steps after viewing the video. Once you select a CTA, you will enter a destination URL where you want the user to go.


That’s it! Getting your message to viewers using videos has never been easier. Make sure to leverage them in your product and branding efforts.

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Why some Facebook ad pros should be worried

Screenshot 2015-03-04 08.25.59

You probably have seen Facebook Go or related programs where Facebook will set up ad campaigns directly for clients. They’ll consult on strategy, explain how certain features work, build ads with you, and suggest optimizations.

But wait…

If Facebook is building the ads, then what about you as an agency, consultant, or in-house marketer? Certainly there’s no better credibility in having Facebook folks themselves build Facebook ads, right?

Plus their services are free, so how do you “compete” against them?

If you’re McDonald’s, then you might be worried about Subway or Chipotle taking business away from you. But if you’re Morton’s (or your favorite steakhouse), you’re not worried about McDonald’s.

If you’re a high-end software company (as we like to think we are), then you’re not worried about the cheap offshore labor at $10/hour. Not saying that all offshore labor is cheap or that Facebook’s own staff is low quality.

Rather, you’re not going head-to-head against Facebook.

You have unique vertical expertise and relationships that account reps can’t and won’t be providing any time soon.

In other words, if you’ve branded yourself as a Facebook ads expert, expect Facebook to beat you at their own game. If you’re a single-channel marketer, expect to be disrupted by Facebook, HootSuite, Google, and all manner of tool providers who train folks on their tools.

a7W_3WhERelationships matter! Niche vertical knowledge matters! Together that’s a powerful combo securing your future.” -Mike Gingerich

Facebook has their own free training program and guides.
And you’re not going to want to try to beat them in creating documentation on their own tools.

Do you have vertical knowledge among car dealerships, chiropractors, B2B software companies, restaurants, or another category? Figure out how to tie this into Facebook’s ad platform via a process that you can follow.

Then you’ll see Facebook’s ad reps as your friend, instead of a competitor.

When you create value for your clients, you can charge them based on the results, whether the content or techniques came from Facebook or yourself.

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