The Key to Advanced Facebook Ad A/B Testing


When it comes to effectively managing Facebook ad campaigns, you must run A/B tests. An A/B test allows you to run two (or more) ads simultaneously to the same audience in real time to determine which one produces the best results. You can elect to test two very different ads against each other, or two ads that have just one … Continue reading

Facebook advertising experts will meet the same fate as SEOs

2014-09-10 01_21_59-Facebook talked ice buckets twice as much as Ferguson

My colleague, Dennis Yu, wrote this post, which inflamed SEO old-timers.  In a nutshell, he said that social marketing, content marketing, PR, inbound marketing, and SEO were essentially the same thing, if done properly.  After all, you’re producing great content and you want to get it distributed. I’m here to say that if you’re doing Facebook advertising, you need to adapt … Continue reading

Facebook’s Click-Bait Crackdown: It’s About Time


In August, Facebook announced via a blog post that it would be making changes to users’ News Feeds, specifically looking at “click bait” articles. We’ve all seen them: “This child only ordered a coffee, but you’ll never believe what happened next,” along with a non-descript photo. Articles like these are seemingly all over the web – they deliver high traffic, … Continue reading

Facebook’s Edge in Using Identity in Digital Marketing

Cuddling with multiple devices

Fragmentation of device usage and media consumption means marketers can no longer rely on traditional marketing funnels and communication strategies that hinge on mass messaging. As marketers move to more diverse media channels, how can they target their messaging, measure response, and react to consumer feedback? Although Cookies have been used for tackling this attribution question in the past, User … Continue reading

Best Blog Posts of August 2014


Better late than never: the best FBPPC posts of August! Enjoy, and have a great weekend. Looking for a comprehensive guide to Website Custom Audiences? Or Fialkov covers all bases in his post.   So you’ve got some likes on your Facebook page, and now you’re ready to get some leads. Here’s how to run your first Facebook Lead Gen … Continue reading

Content Marketing Meets Retargeting


Content marketing has become increasingly important as brands aim to build trust and engage with new and existing consumers. 90% of B2C marketers leverage content marketing, and 60% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase this year, according to the Content Marketing Institute. What are marketers doing with all of this content? Most of us are distributing … Continue reading

Facebook Targeting 101: A Primer on Options and Audience Size


A question that I generally get from new Facebook advertisers is: how large should my target audience be? It is a good question that every person has a different answer for. The first part of understanding audience size is to understand the types of Facebook targeting available outside of Custom Audiences. Types of Targeting The following are the targeting options … Continue reading

3 Sorely Needed Facebook Ad Improvements

He doesn't look too pleased.

Don’t take this the wrong way: Facebook is a wonderful advertising platform. The costs can be low and the reach can be great, especially when you know what you’re doing. So please, Zuckerberg, don’t be mad at us when we say that there are things that… could use some improvement. We reached out to some of our experts to ask what … Continue reading