How-To: Run a Facebook Lead-Gen Campaign


So it’s time to move beyond the simple ‘page likes’ campaign and get some traffic pointed to your lead form. How do you do it? The process (assuming you’re comfortable with the Facebook Advertising environment) is quite simple, and I’ll break it down for you. In Ads Manager, you’ll want to navigate first to “Conversion Tracking.” Here you’ll find the … Continue reading

How To: Get Started With Custom Audiences


I have had several new-to-Facebook-advertising people approach me and ask, “What is the safest way to start advertising on Facebook?” While safe is an impossible feat, Custom Audiences are great for anyone starting out with Facebook and unsure of the different targeting options. The Basics Custom Audiences can be first created within the Audience tab of the Power Editor.  Custom … Continue reading

How to use Website Custom Audiences


Go to Ads Manager 1. Enter Ads Manager and click Audiences: 2. Click on Create Audience 3. Choose Website Users Custom Audiences 4. You’ll see a notification, requesting you to confirm terms of service and allowing you to view the pixel. 5. Click to view the pixel, then copy it or send to the website developer – the pixel should … Continue reading

Is Facebook Getting A Bad Rap on Organic Reach?


If you’ve been paying attention over the last few months, you’ve probably come across articles that could have been written by Chicken Little. With titles like “Brands’ Organic Facebook Reach Has Crashed Since October: Study” (that one’s from Ogilvy) or “Facebook Organic Reach Rapidly Approaching Zero” (that one is from WordStream), you might be led to believe that Facebook has … Continue reading

Why Facebook Advertising is not all about generating sales


At Tiger Pistol, we believe success is achieved when our small business customers can say that their social presence is not only sorted, but a strength that is helping grow their business. We often have customers approach us knowing they need to be on social (‘everyone else is doing it’), but not truly understanding the value it can bring.  So … Continue reading

Why FB Advertisers Need to Communicate with Customer Service Teams


Communication between Marketing teams is so important to ensure common goals are being achieved, but sometimes there can be a disconnect between the advertising team and the social media customer service team. These two teams should work hand-in-hand when it comes to Facebook advertising. Many companies have a person or team dedicated to monitoring comments on social media. It’s important … Continue reading

Facebook Custom Audiences: What Every Marketer Needs to Know


During the first half of the year, Facebook consolidated their ad options, and, suddenly, Website Custom Audiences (WCA) inadvertently became a buzzword that many marketers started to come across.  As the WCA Product Lead at Triggit, I am often faced with the following set of questions when we first start talking to our direct response advertiser clients about WCA. As … Continue reading

Early Impressions of the Facebook Audience Network


Facebook announced the new “Facebook Audience Network” a few months back, stretching out its wide-reaching advertising arms beyond only Facebook itself. You are probably familiar with “FAN” as it’s called, but let’s go through a brief recap: Facebook Audience Network allows you to place ads outside of Facebook in addition to the traditional News Feed.  The apps available for ads … Continue reading