5 Things to Know If You Are New To Facebook Advertising


There are several things that I take for granted when working with Facebook Ads.  At this point, I consider them basic facts of the Facebook world that anyone who has worked with Facebook learns pretty quickly.  If you’re a Facebook fledgling, these five tips are for you! The Facebook learning curve is astronomical; and here are a few tips that … Continue reading

Track Conversions to Keep your Retargeting Campaigns Accountable

Update your conversion attribution

You’re using retargeting to advertise to your lost customers? You’re off to a great start! But are you tracking your conversions within your retargeting campaign? It’s essential that you do to ensure your campaign stats are in sync with your actual sales/conversions. To create a conversion, consider what actions you want visitors on your website to take. They can be: … Continue reading

Bid performance on Facebook: oCPM v. CPA, revisited


I love the saying, “There aren’t any expert marketers, only experts in testing.” What worked yesterday in digital marketing may not perform today. This is especially true with Facebook as the advertising landscape sees huge changes from year to year. This is a point I always drive home to my clients. Test, analyze, and retest, and eventually you will end … Continue reading

Successful Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce Companies


Depending on your industry, methods for advertising on Facebook differ. Successful campaigns are built using industry best practices and niche techniques. Facebook offers a wide range of customer targeting options for ecommerce campaigns. Selecting the options that will draw in the right target customers for your business is critical. Before you spend money on Facebook to advertise, you should know … Continue reading

Getting The Most From Your Product Feed


By now, you’ve no doubt heard the performance benefits of dynamic retargeting on FBX: up to 5X higher CTR and 2X higher ROI compared to static ads. While workarounds exist, a dynamic retargeting campaign consisting of thousands of products will generally require a product feed. Unlike a static campaign, which requires manual ad copy creation for your entire product catalog, … Continue reading

4 Tips for Better Facebook Ad Performance


Facebook ads require constant testing, and there is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach. It can be difficult, frustrating, and even costly, but by using data from your campaigns, you can analyze the best approach to use for your ads. Take the tips below and put them into use as you continue down the road to finding the best Facebook ads for … Continue reading

Facebook Targeting: How to Exclude for Better Performance


Great performance with Facebook marketing is all about targeting. If you’re not speaking to the people who matter to your brand, your message will fall on deaf ears. But sometimes telling your story means knowing when not to tell it. Many ad networks offer impression and frequency capping, letting advertisers set how often each user sees their message. For example, … Continue reading

Key Predictions for the Facebook Audience Network


A few short weeks ago, Facebook unveiled its newest form of monetization at the annual F8 conference called the Facebook Audience Network. Now that Facebook is a publicly traded company, there’s more pressure than ever for them to continue pushing the boundaries on monetization. In 2013 when Facebook released mobile News Feed ads, its revenue exploded; it doubled almost overnight. … Continue reading