The Definitive Guide to EdgeRank

Where likes came from

This is a post/study on what EdgeRank means and how to analyze Facebook Insights for growth on Facebook. This is the blog-format of the original whitepaper. You can download the original whitepaper/PDF here. Part I: What in the world is EdgeRank? You have probably heard the term “EdgeRank” before in relation to the Facebook News Feed. EdgeRank is basically what … Continue reading

Why Website Custom Audiences Matter for SMBs


Small businesses face very specific challenges when it comes to marketing and advertising.  Budgets are limited and resources are scarce, but the good news is that Facebook understands that struggle and has been making some consecutive moves to help out small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners with features that will drive traffic and acquire more customers.  Facebook’s most recent feature, … Continue reading

How-To: Use Facebook Pixels on Dynamic Sites


Tracking offsite conversions is an important part of any marketing campaign that’s measuring performance or ROI. Facebook gives us Offsite Conversion pixels to measure everything from a key page view, all the way to an e-commerce sale. But as the web gets more dynamic, it can be difficult to trigger pixels when there’s no static page on which a conversion … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – February 28, 2014


Facebook retired their email addresses and moved into a new New York office this week. -Facebook has some incredible mobile referral numbers. -Triggit shared some important FBX tips -Audrey Cueto explained how to blend word of mouth with Facebook -All Facebook featured a brick and mortar store with a fantastic advertising strategy -Chad Wittman showed us how to win … Continue reading

Facebook Advertising Improvements, Oct. 2013 to Present


Since October 1st, 2013, the Facebook ads platform has introduced many positive changes. In this blog post, I’ll define what the changes are and why they matter to advertisers. (Note: these are listed in chronological order and not order of importance.) Buckle up… Objective-Based Ad Buying • Advertisers can now select specific advertising objectives more easily with a suggested ad … Continue reading

How can you win an election with Facebook ads?


There are endless ways of approaching a political campaign with Facebook ads. I’m going to outline how we used Facebook ads in a small local election. Our goal was to elect an up-and-coming politician in his hometown. The incumbent had been in office for many years and was well connected within the community. We wanted to raise awareness for people … Continue reading

Social Sharing – How to Use New Word-of-Mouth Advertising

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Referrals are one of the best ways to attract new customers and clients. For me and most people I know, hearing referrals from a trusted source eliminates most of my doubts when trying a new product or service. Why? When referrals come from someone I know, I am aware of their tastes and preferences. If their preferences are similar to … Continue reading

Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing on FBX (and 3 Things to Stop Doing!)

As an alpha partner on FBX, we’ve built our business around learning the ins and outs of this incredibly efficient DR channel. We’ve helped clients across the globe drive record-breaking ROI from their FBX campaigns, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Today, we’d like to share the top three things you should be doing (and what you should … Continue reading