The Return of the Boost Post


One of the most infamous tools in Facebook advertising is the Boost Post. This tool, which allows every page manager to promote his page in a few clicks, has, so far, brought bad results and a high amount of exposure, rather than quality and proper segmentation – (this explains why it is better to use the ads manager rather than … Continue reading

Facebook Video Ads: Money Pit Or Opportunity?


Video ads in Facebook have both advantages and disadvantages. They look and behave like normal page posts. The ad displays all the account information, description, comments, and number of likes typical of all News Feed ads. Video ads are News Feed ads. The only difference is that there is a video that plays directly in Facebook. In this post, we’ll … Continue reading

LinkedIn Advertising, Part 3: Targeting Capabilities

Job Title

Thanks to our first two posts in this series, you’ve learned what the different ad types are on LinkedIn, and you’ve learned why you should be advertising there in the first place. Now it’s time to learn how to specify who you are going to reach. That’s right: it’s targeting time. The image above shows a quick list of all … Continue reading

New Year: Time for New Offers


At the beginning of each new year, most people make some type of resolutions or goals about their health, or perhaps their financial habits. It’s become so common for people to do this, and subsequently fail, that it’s a popular punchline. However, the reason people keep setting new goals is a desire to improve. They want better health, so they … Continue reading

What’s ahead for social media’s great divide in 2015?


It is undeniable that the social landscape is evolving at an incredibly high rate, and each platform is after the same goal: user attention. Without active users, it’s hard to call the platforms social, and even though they have huge amounts of user data, the best data will be the most recent. Interests change. People move to new cities. Users … Continue reading

10 Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO


There’s been some debate as to whether social media contributes to an SEO strategy or not. Some argue that social media has no effect while others argue that there is an effect, however indirect it may be. What seems to be clear, though, is that social media rarely discredits or devalues SEO. That being said, I’ve listed below some ways … Continue reading

LinkedIn Advertising, Part 2: Ad Types and Capabilities

type 2

So you’re interested in advertising on LinkedIn, eh? Maybe you read part one of my LinkedIn series and you’re ready to get started? Hold up there, partner; you need to learn about the two types of ads and their capabilities first! First, we’ve got regular LinkedIn ads. You may have seen them before. Regular LinkedIn ads are placed on prominent … Continue reading

Happy New Year from FBPPC!

Hi, readers, and happy 2015! Here’s hoping the upcoming 12 months are some of the best yet. We’ll be back tomorrow with more social advertising thought leadership…until then, may your coffee be strong and your gatherings merry.