The Complete Faceboook Ads Checklist


Today, without a doubt, we can say that Facebook is one of the most effective ways of advertising. With over 1.3 active billion users worldwide, Facebook should arguably be incorporated by all advertisers. Alongside the growth in campaign numbers and budgets, the Facebook ad system has substantially improved in the past year, and it now offers its advertisers a wider … Continue reading

5 New Facebook Ad Targeting Capabilities

Ad Targeting

The Facebook Ads tool is ratcheting it up a notch. They’ve teamed up with some of the creepiest data-mining companies out there to create an advertising tool capable of targeting with unheard-of precision. But you already know that. You know that Facebook’s targeting capabilities are second-to-none. But did you know they’re getting better? This article will take a look at … Continue reading

The Reaching, Branding, and Selling Formula with Facebook Ads


Hello, FBPPCers! Today I am going to walk you through a targeting method that will allow you to reach an incredibly refined target group of prospects, ushering them through your sales funnel while making strides on your brand recognition. I’ve used this formula to deliver big results for a wide range of companies, and I want to share it with … Continue reading

Why Don’t You Gamify Your Facebook Page?


Let’s start with a non-academic definition of gamification: “the process of using game mechanisms in non-game context.” In other words, we take typical elements from games (the ones we know have worked in the past) and apply them to different areas. Gamification is one of the most disruptive trends in the current Internet landscape, and numerous statistics show its unstoppable … Continue reading

What is Second-Party Retargeting, and Why You Should Be Doing It?


Time and time again, we’ve heard that advertisers are tapping out on Search or PPC channels. So how can advertisers get access to fresh new leads? How can advertisers get new customers at cost-effective prices? As advertisers, you are typically limited to your own website visitors, a.k.a. 1st-party data. First-party data is information an advertiser collects about their prospects or … Continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

3 Reasons To Refresh Ad Creative


Have your ads ever gotten lazy? Let’s say an ad has amazing performance for a couple weeks (or even months) and then, performance disappears. It still does okay, but traffic has slowed, and as a result, conversions and clicks have dropped. This is not a unique phenomenon for the Facebook Advertiser.  There are three basic arguments for refreshing ad copy … Continue reading

How to Save Facebook’s RHS Ads


I cannot recall the last time I set up a Facebook right-hand side advert. It cannot have been that long ago, but already the memory has been vanquished by the statistical dominance of News Feed ads. The data is phenomenal; some research has suggested that click-through rates on News Feed adverts are up to 50x higher than that of right-hand … Continue reading