Social Marketers weigh in on the new Audience Network


The launch of the Audience Network is the big news story this month, so the burning question we have for our 3Q Digital social marketers is: Keeping in mind the announcement of the Audience Network, how do you see the Facebook Advertising ecosystem changing over the next 6 months?   Dayna Moon, Sr. Director of Social  Facebook’s expansion and recent … Continue reading

Get More Out of Conferences with Facebook Ads


Making an impression at conferences can be really hard to do, especially if you’re one of the new kids on the block. Thankfully, using Facebook ads intelligently allows you to make the process of meeting potential clients and business partners so much easier.  f you plan on attending a conference in the near future to promote your business, you should … Continue reading

Facebook PPC Tips from HeroConf 2014                 


During HeroConf 2014 in Austin, TX, I moderated a fantastic session titled “PPC For Facebook: What’s Not To Like”. The session featured John Lee of Clix Marketing and Ian Mackie of PointIt, Inc. and they both did a fantastic job of explaining how to use Facebook PPC for business success. The Facts First, they shared some statistics that blew me … Continue reading

A Quick History of Facebook Advertising


“It might be nice in the future to get some ads going to offset the cost of the servers,” Facebook found Mark Zuckerberg told The Harvard Crimson on March 1, 2004. Boy, was that an understatement. It’s difficult to track down exactly when the first Facebook advertisement launched, but in 2006, Facebook signed a contract with Microsoft that gave Microsoft … Continue reading

Weekly Facebook Advertising News Roundup – May 2, 2014


The big news in Facebook advertising this week is the launch of the new Audience Network! This is going to be huge for marketers going forward. CNBC has named Mark Zuckerberg as the 8th most impactful person in business since the inception of CNBC in 1989. Mobile continues to be an important force for Facebook, as a new report has shown that 24% … Continue reading

Drive sustained value with Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

rank history

A client of ours recently approached us about testing a freemium pricing structure for one of their paid strategy games. They wanted to see first if the app could survive as a free app and if they would be able to find and retain the right customers to achieve their ROI goals. Facebook was the most obvious choice for this … Continue reading

Use Post-Click Data to Determine Facebook Ads’ True ROI

Post Click Referrals Combined

At adMixt, our top priority is insuring clients’ campaigns meet their goals. That means we prove our return on ad spend, or cost per acquisition performance. This involves targeting, creative testing, and optimization, but key to all of that is measurement. Without accurate measurement, optimizations do not work, and we’re left guessing at the best course of action. The further … Continue reading

How to Recruit Using Facebook Advertising


Social media advertising can be used in a number of different ways. Obviously the most popular are lead generation and Facebook page engagement. How else can we use it? According to a 2014 report by Jobvite, “75% of social job seekers found their position through Facebook.” Honestly, that number took me by surprise. Let’s dig a little deeper and discover … Continue reading