Add Personality to your Customer Engagement Campaign


In 2010, Gap launched a new expensive logo that was aimed at capturing the hearts of a younger, hipper crowd. However, just days after launch, the new logo set off an online backlash from consumers who criticized the decision to ditch the well-known logo. 2 days later, the shiny new logo was put back into its box, never to be … Continue reading

Facebook’s new Ad Relevancy metric takes aim at Google’s Quality Score


When it comes to digital marketing, we all know our buddy Google is the gold standard. So this week, we give praise to a small company formally known as The Facebook for adding to its UI an Ad Relevancy Score – a comparable feature to AdWords’ Quality Score. This shiny new column will most certainly have us social geeks frothing … Continue reading

Happy Presidents’ Day!


We’re taking a break from the blog today, but we’ll be back to our regular schedule Wednesday. Have a great holiday!

Be My Valentine, Google Analytics: 4 Reasons Facebook Ads Love Multi-Channel Funnels


What is more cheesy and expected than my Valentine-themed blog post in February? Maybe only a leprechaun pun in March or a spring showers comment in April! However, this is a true story of how my Facebook ads should love Google Analytics – and Multi-Channel Funnels specifically. Multi-channel funnels is a reporting feature in Google Analytics that gives insights to … Continue reading

FBX is not completely dead (yet)

2015-01-28 19_16_59-Gravestone Generator, Tombstone Maker & Creator - Satisfaction

You probably heard commentary about David Fischer’s remark at AdExchanger a couple days ago, resulting in speculation that FBX is dead. Not officially, to be political, but let’s examine the underlying business case. If you’re a small business advertiser, you might be willing to pay a premium to run through AdRoll instead of setting up your ads directly with Facebook … Continue reading

Facebook Marketing in 2015 – How to Succeed without Free Distribution

Facebook Newsfeed changes 2015

On January 15, 2015 Facebook went live with a series of changes to the News Feed algorithm specifically designed to restrict free distribution of “promotional” posts from businesses.  Brands that were able to reach nearly 100% of their audience with every post in the previous year now reach less than 10% in many cases! What are these changes?  What do … Continue reading

Facebook MPA (Multi-Product Ads) are for everyone, not just for E-commerce players

2015-01-29 23_54_05-Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-01-29 18.43.23.png

If you’ve got any form of marketing automation or some semblance of a funnel, then you can use Facebook MPA (Multi-Product Ads) to tell a story. In other words, string together messages into a sequence. Social is not about a one-night stand, but progressive nurturing, so Facebook is adding increasing sequencing capabilities for you. Right now MPA is available only … Continue reading

Best Blogs of January 2015


January brought some great strategic posts to FBPPC. Here are the most popular ones you don’t want to miss. Multi-Product Ads allow advertisers to show 5 different links for 5 different products. Juliana Nicholson  shows us how. Are boosted posts making a comeback? Or Fialkov makes the argument that they’re back! Have you had any success with Facebook Video Ads? … Continue reading